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Risk Challenge Micro 2016: Micromarkets. Macroscopes

The first specialized forum for microfinance organizations the Risk Challenge Micro 2016: Micromarkets. Macroscopes took place in Almaty on the May 15, 2016.  The forum was organized by the First Credit Bureau with support of “Damu” Entrepreneurship Development Fund” JSC, National Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken”, Akimat of Almaty, Kazakhstan Association of FinTech organizations (specialized association for Internet-lenders) and others partners.

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Utilities ‘sign on’ to Share Data with Creditinfo Guyana Credit Bureau

All of the Guyana’s commercial banks, as well as some major state and non-state service entities, have now signed on as data providers to Creditinfo Guyana Credit Bureau, a development which has created an enabling environment in which larger numbers of persons can, potentially, secure hassle-free and in many instances, badly needed credit.

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Creditinfo Localises Credit Scoring, Cites High Credit Card Usage

Jamaica’s loan market was valued at $544 billion throughout the banking system at the end of 2015. Credit-card transactions in that year topped $212 billion. It reflected an annual increase of 10.6 per cent in the value of transactions, while volumes rose 13.5 per cent to 14.7 million transactions, according to Central Bank data.

From May 2016, Creditinfo Jamaica will now provide localised credit scores. Previously, although Creditinfo Jamaica provided access to credit scores since October 2013, the score offered then was based on an expert model. Simply put, the model used then was based on certain features from another market with vast similarities to Jamaica. The localisation of credit scores typically requires nine to 18 months of consecutive data and a rigorous assessment process. The localised score model will help both consumers and lenders as it is more predictable than the expert model and therefore affords a better decision process for subscribers.

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The next Rembrandt – Data and How we Use It

We use a lot of data to improve business life but we haven’t been using data that much in a way that it touches the soul. It is not just a bunch of information and numbers, it is something beautiful where you can make great stuff out of it.

In following intermarten-lootenesting video you can see how a group of analysts recreate a painting of Rembrandt using technology and data. They start by gathering the data, followed by determining the subject, afterwards they generate the features and in the end they bring it to life.  The result is amazing and stunning, if you wouldn’t know it was made with technology you would think it is a real one.

Check out the link because it has to be said, it is amazing what analysts
are doing and can do with data.

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New name for Czech Republic

After 27 years the Czech President, Prime Minister and the other top country officials have finally agreed that not having a one word name for the country and using Czech Republic instead is too long. They asked the United Nations to officially recognize “Czechia” as an alternative country name. Together with this demand they also asked it for other foreign-language equivalents, such as la Tchéquie in French. So, they finally took the name which existed already in the 18th century and made it a one word name for the country. Now we can call them “Czechia” in casual communication! 


Creditinfo working with Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

On April 14th 2016, Creditinfo and vice-governor of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe signed a contract for the delivery of Creditinfo’s Credit Bureau Solution, CB5.  Communication and negotiation took place over a number of months throughout 3 key tender applications.  The CB5 system will be used by 18 banks, 120 MFIs and also 4 Public Credit Bureaus currently operating  in Zimbabwe. The most challenging part of this contract is delivery  time, with just 12 weeks from implementation to live launch. Radek Bittner (Sales), Tomáš Tichý (Business Consultant) and Michal Dostál (Project  Manager) were the 3 man delegation who visited Harare for the finalisation of the contract agreement and who delivered the 1st project Workshop for  customisation of system parameters.


Creditinfo Malta celebrates International Women’s Day

In recognition of International Woman’s Day, and the important role women play in the day to day running of Creditinfo Malta, each female staff member was today presented with a rose, cake and wine.

Creditinfo Malta is proud that half of its workforce is female, as well as having three
female student interns on the team. Creditinfo Malta felt it was important to mark
this day with a small token of thanks to each.


International Woman's Day 2016


Creditinfo Kenya and HELB partnership launch

Joint Press Release by HELB and CreditInfo CRB Kenya Ltd –  Nairobi 4th February 2016

HELB and CIKThe Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) together with the Creditinfo CRB Kenya Ltd (CIK) have launched strategic a partnership that aims to support HELB to make faster, better and more informed credit decisions, champion responsible lending, promote financial inclusion and facilitate expansion of credit to the education sector. The partnership will be a first of its kind in Kenya meaning that HELB can use credit scoring and other Creditinfo CRB systems and services to lend to mature students who may already be employed and who have credit profiles at the CRB.Continue Reading..


Creditinfo Credit Bureau confidently accepted as a core business tool by Tanzanian Banks & MFIs

Creditinfo Tanzania, the leading credit bureau in Tanzania, recently conducted a survey amongst financial and non-financial institutions, aimed at finding out the level of understanding and acceptance of credit information sharing system. It proved to be highly successful with responses from over 130 professionals representing banking, microfinance, insurance, mobile, manufacturing amongst many other sectors of the economy.

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Creditinfo analyst appears on Lithuanian business daily cover

20151112_090718Rasa Maskeliūniėnė, Head of Credit Risk division, appeared on the cover of Lithuanian business daily flagship „Verslo žinios“.

Rasa was picked to ilustrate an article called „Bankruptcies do not show crisis“. It focus on bankruptcies statistics which has growth trend in Lithuania. Rasa is quoted at the article saying that this statistics has little with real situation in business. According to Creditinfo, segment of companies with high credit scores is increasing. Also, number of companies with lowest credit scores is decreasing.

The article also mentions that bankruptcy is predictable using complex of information: credit history, financial information, business linkages and other data. It notes that Creditinfo scores are ranging from 1 to 10 where higher score indicates higher risk.