How to identify the right VC’s for investment: The do’s and dont’s

I wrote an article last week on the key lessons I have learnt so far in the tech business and some people reached out to me to provide some advice when negotiating with a venture capitalist (VC) or an investor. This is from my own personal experience and observations and thus critical feedback and debate are welcome, particularly from investors themselves.

— by Kevin Mutiso

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Are we there yet? Big Data and the Quest for Financial Inclusion

At financial sector conferences, you come across talk about the use and application of big data and the same question pops up – are we there yet? Are financial services’ providers applying data analytics in their daily management to streamline decision-making and improve efficiency?

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Proof that Credit Bureaus Improve Countries’ Distance to Frontier Score for Getting Credit

Within the Credit Bureau industry, we often talk about better financial inclusion and ways to facilitate access to finance, especially in light of the 2 billion “unbanked” population – a number reported in the Worldwide Findex Database by the World Bank and escalated by many industry players.

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New law on credit bureaus comes into force in Azerbaijan

Big news for the economy of Azerbaijan: on 7 December 2016, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed the Decree on implementation of the Law on Credit Bureaus, which will be the foundation of credit bureau operations in the country.  Continue reading »

Coremetrix for financial inclusion

Financial Technology is often seen as a sector that works for those who are already winning: something to help sophisticated users of personal and commercial finance streamline their access. It performs that function, of course, and many of us have seen our professional and personal lives enriched as a result. But FinTech also has an essential role to play in opening access, as well as improving it.

At Coremetrix, we are committed to realising that potential. Part of the Creditinfo Group, we believe data on individuals – obtained voluntarily, and focusing on personality rather than the information used for traditional credit scoring – can broaden access to financial products of all kinds. Lenders and other financial institutions across international markets agree with us, and we are partnering with a number of them to provide access to credit and other services based on who people are, not what they can prove. Continue reading »

The largest provider of business information in Estonia – Krediidiinfo AS – changes name to Creditinfo Eesti AS

Starting today the largest provider of business information in Estonia – Krediidiinfo AS has been renamed to Creditinfo Eesti AS and will start using the corporate trademark Creditinfo. The change of name relates to the fact that at the beginning of this year 100% of company’s shares have been acquired by Creditinfo Group, the international credit information and credit risk management services provider. 
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Almar's Monthly

Time for a spring clean!


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

Spring is traditionally a time when we declutter, clean up and finish things off, getting ready for the next 9 months of the year.  Did you know spring cleaning is good for you?

In April, why not…

  • Save time –  Make the effort to declutter and organise your office and your own work space, as it can save you lots of time looking for (lost) items in the future. Tidy up your desk drawer – you will be surprised what you find in there, that you’ve not seen since the last time you cleared it out. This may even make you a little more productive.
  • Improve  your health –  Blast out the antibacterial wipes and clean your phone, PC/Laptop, , After all we are all guilty of eating at our desks from time to time.  Clean your keyboard and give your screen a squirt of screen cleaner.  Less germs means a healthier you!
  • Be Less stressed – organising your work space can make you feel less stressed as it makes it a more comfortable space to be in and easier to get things done.  You could even organise your PC/Laptops … do you need all those desktop shortcuts? What about organising your Office documents and emails too?
  • Be Happy – A tidy office is a happy office – well that’s what the experts say.

Happy Spring Cleaning!
All the best,

It's time to ‘Like’ Social Scoring


imagesDid you know, that approximately 75% of world population has thin credit profile or no credit history at all?
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Creditinfo Georgia – SME Access to Finance

By Nataliya Soldatyuk and Elene Zoninashvili

The economy is not dominated by large and multinational corporations. SME‘s are greatly responsible for economic growth and therefore an important sector to focus on.  Creditinfo Georgia has invested to develop specific tools to help companies provide better, more effective decisions to enable greater access to finance for SMEs.

In Europe, for instance, 99% of businesses are small and medium enterprises, and in the same time they contribute 58 cents in every euro in economy. This situation is not specific to the Europe. Continue reading »

BIG Data Lending in Sub-Saharan Africa, Responsibility is Key to avoid pain of the past.

The experience of the over-indebtedness crisis amongst the poorest in Kosovo and other regions such Andhra Pradesh in India is still a clear memory to those who had to manage the human and financial fallout from these situations.  This type of crisis is caused by 2 factors; excessive liquidity largely from donor funded institutions and secondly no credit bureau infrastructure, or usage of it.

Are we about to witness the same cycle in sub-Saharan Africa with the highly funded race to provide loans through the trend of alternative/big data, at the same time as MFIs are not integrated into the “credit bureau culture”? Continue reading »