Meet some of our colleagues in Latvia

As you know, in January we told you about the developments of the CBS system designed for Latvia. So we thought you’d like to meet some of the team and if you have any questions about this or in general, you can contact them at

Currently, the team is just 6 people:
Martin Paupers, Product Product and Process Development Manager (pictured far Left)
Janis TImermanis, CEO (2nd from left), Ligia Greiere, Customer Service Manager (2nd from right)
Intars Mikelsons, Sales & Business Development Manager (Far Right),
Brigita Mironova, Direct Sales Manager (not pictured) and Peteris Reiters, Customer Service (not pictured)

Team Latvia

The Creditinfo Family is growing – Now more than 400 employees

In the last 3 years, we have more than doubled our number of employees, through acquisitions, new start ups, new partnerships and our original offices growing in strength and requiring more staff to cope with the increased work load.

Many of our staff have been with the organisation more than 7 years, some well in excess of a decade. Not only do we have a loyal core team, we also have some very experienced and knowledgeable people.

Þórhallur Jóhannsson joined the Creditinfo family as Chief Finance Officer for the Group

PassamyndTHJOOn the 15th February, Þórhallur Jóhannsson joined the Creditinfo family as Chief Finance Officer for the Group. We have to admit, we took rather a long time in finding the right person, but we believe it was worth the wait. This means that Tryggvi can finally go back to focusing on the Icelandic operation. We are grateful for him for basically doing two jobs at the same time and feel a bit (but only a bit!) guilty about taking so long in making the change.

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Safety First – at home and abroad

Van ReyndersA few words from Van Reynders,
Country Manager, Creditinfo Tanzania

I was asked to say a few words about an incident which happened to me recently in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  Continue reading »

Creditinfo analyst appears on Lithuanian business daily cover

20151112_090718Rasa Maskeliūniėnė, Head of Credit Risk division, appeared on the cover of Lithuanian business daily flagship „Verslo žinios“.

Rasa was picked to ilustrate an article called „Bankruptcies do not show crisis“. It focus on bankruptcies statistics which has growth trend in Lithuania. Rasa is quoted at the article saying that this statistics has little with real situation in business. According to Creditinfo, segment of companies with high credit scores is increasing. Also, number of companies with lowest credit scores is decreasing.

The article also mentions that bankruptcy is predictable using complex of information: credit history, financial information, business linkages and other data. It notes that Creditinfo scores are ranging from 1 to 10 where higher score indicates higher risk.

Analyst from Lithuania – among TOP online data scientists

Darius Barusauskas - LithuaniaDarius Barušauskas, Analyst within the Econometric Modeling Department at Creditinfo Lithuania, has succeeded  in a competition organised by the world’s largest community of data scientists,

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The Commercial Department of Creditinfo Solutions recently  went on a special training on August 13 and 14, led by an experienced HR Consultant Eoin Hanley who has worked with PWC and Amazon. After the theory lessons, they continued with practical negotiation training.  Of course in true CIS style, after the event, they also had some fun at Mácháč, which is a Czech summer lake destination, kind of  a combination of Italian Bibione and Spanish Ibiza, partially beautiful and partially cheesy!
Here you can watch a cool video produced by Sasha (Alexader Novosolev) showing you highlights of the 2 days events. 

You can also view the cool & some may say risqué flyer that Martin created for the event – click here

Creditinfo VoLo


Creditinfo VoLo continue to deliver training in West Africa.  Here are the attendees at a recent event in Dakar, Senegal.

CBS5 training at Creditinfo Solutions in Prague


Recently a number of our new senior management team attended CBS5 training at Creditinfo Solutions in Prague. The CIS team gave a warm welcome to our new colleagues and organized 3 days of in depth training.


Pictured from left to right are:
• Sidimohamed Abouchikhi, CEO, Credtinfo Morocco,
• Van Reynders, Head of Sales, Creditinfo Tanzania,
• Agata Szydlowska, Head of Financial Inclusion & CRB Awareness Africa
• Kristinn Agnarsson, Head of Credit Bureau Expansion,Creditinfo Group
• Adamou Sambare, CEO, Creditinfo VoLo
• Samuel White, Business Devdelopment Manager, Creditinfo International

Meet Sara


Sara Nehmat
Operations Support Assistant internship
with CI International

Pictured Sara and Shaz.  Many of you or your clients may have heard from Sara Nehmat recently, in relation to the Creditinfo Global Forum. Sara is assisting Emma coordinate all the final details for the conference.  She is here on a 3 month internship.  Emma would like her to stay longer as she is doing such a great job. Sara is from the UK.  Her partner Shaz Yousuf, also carried out his internship with Emma last year and obviously enjoyed his time that much in Malta and with the Creditinfo International / Malta teams, he recommended Sara carry out her internship with us too.  Sara will leave us at the end of September.