Marius is our man in Romania!  

mariusMarius Harjoi, CEO, Creditinfo Romania 
He’s not shy when it comes to learning, having 2 degrees qualifying him in Banking & Finance and as an Economist and he even has Masters degree in Management of SMEs.
His professional career began with the EM&EF Group, an Italian producer of ice-cream Momenti Magici, as an accountant.  Also, working at Aston Com SA, a direct importer for Fujitsu air conditioners. After the first year at Aston in his role as an accountant, Marius commenced a career in sales rapidly progressing in his responsibilities which resulted in him joining Creditexpress Financial Services as Sales Director in 2007.  Creditexpress are a key player in the debt collection market in not only Romania but also throughout Central Eastern Europe. Marius brings a wealth of direct sales and financial experience to the Group.
We hired him not only for his credit industry experience but he also has excellent taste in music! From old or new, rock to alternative and even further to rap. His favourite bands are U2 (although he recommends not to try karaoke with their songs, as it’s very difficult – one to try at the next Management Meeting!), Red Hot Chili Peppers and Depeche Mode.
His hobbies include hiking, cycling for fun, most sports, especially water sports – possibly because his father was a mariner in the navy in his youth.
He’s been married for 6 years now and however they’ve been together for more than 13 years now.