April 2014

Off to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

At the end of May, we are sending a few of our key people out to Colombo to provide a product demonstration.  We recently submitted a technical proposal for supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of an IT Solution to the The Credit Information Bureau of Sri Lanka. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Our high quality standards are proven again

First Credit Bureau Kazakhstan have also proven their high standards of quality by passing the certification audit and receiving certificates for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 in the first quarter of 2014.  Well done Kazakhstan.  If your operational site is interested in attaining this certification Aurimas at Creditinfo Lithuania or Madina at FCB Kazakhstan are the people to talk to!

Lithuania certified by ISO 27001:2005 standard

Lithuanian credit bureau, Creditinfo, have implemented an information security management system that ensures greater protection of data stored and saved in the credit bureau system.

Creditinfo Lithuania’s information security management system meets the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certificate requirements. The project was implemented by the EU Structural Funds Program Process LT, during March 2013 to March 2014.

andrius-1 (1)“In everyday activity we deal with large amounts of information that is provided by financial, telecommunications, power supply and other industry sectors. Our information security risk management has always complied to the highest standards, however, from now on it is also approved by the ISO certificate. This will increase the confidence of both data providers and residents whose credit history is collected in the credit bureau“, advises Andrius Bogdanovicius, Chief Executive Officer, Creditinfo Lithuania.


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Visiting Indonesia


We will be visiting Jakarta very soon regarding one of our recent responses to a request for proposal. The Bank of Indonesia is currently reviewing the provision of a new Public Credit Reporting (PCR) system as one of the strategies to support the development of the dual credit reporting system in Indonesia. As such, the Bank directly wrote to Reynir to provide a proposal outlining our abilities, core business and strategic outlook as a prospective partner  to support this initiative.

Analytical research on default level and DTI correlation on the basis of FCB (Kazakhstan) data

kanat kKanat Khalilov (Халилов Канат Маратович), Senior Risk Manager, First Credit Bureau Kazakhstan, today joined the Creditinfo Academy to deliver a presentation on “Analytical Research on Default Level and DTI Correlation on the Basis of FCB (Kazakhstan) Data”.



View the presentation here in English: Kanat Khalilov – FCB Kazakhstan

And in Russian:  3 – Презентация по DTI ppt_final_аним

Contact Kanat via:

Email:  KKhalilov@1cb.kz

Linked in:  kz.linkedin.com/pub/kanat-khalilov/20/66/a67

Website: www.1cb.kz

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Risk Assessment International Approaches

paul-2Paul Randall, Director of Business Development, Creditinfo International gave a presentation on Risk Assessment International Approaches

Click the link to view the PPT presentation. Paul Randall – Webinar_24_April_2014V1

You can watch Paul’s presentation video here: Vimeo

Paul can be contacted at:

Tel.: +33 607934884

Email: paul.randall@creditinfo.com

Skype: paul.randall.mc

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/pub/paul-randall/0/497/bb4


Risk Challenges 2014: New Legislative Limitations in Kazakhstan

The LLP “First Credit Bureau” of Kazakhstan (1CB/PKB) with the support of the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan recently hosted an event in Almaty dedicated to discussing the introduction of legal restrictions on the leverage ratio (KDN) and limiting growth of unsecured lending, which entered into force in Kazakhstan from 1 April 2014. The relevance of the event was confirmed by the interest of more than one hundred representatives from the banks, the National Bank of Kazakhstan, financial institutions and the business media.

Amongst the speakers, representatives from Creditinfo Group, First Credit Bureau, International Centre of Economic Literacy joined senior spokespersons from a number of influential banks such as Kaspi Bank, Sberbank, Kazkommertsbank, Nurbank, the National Bank of Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as more than 100 prominent industry specialists who attended this event held in Almaty. Continue reading »

Romania's transformation from old to new office

As you know, Creditinfo Romania moved to new offices recently. We thought you’d like to see the transformation from old to new

Click on the Dropbox link to download a PPT movie show 

NOTE: This is a very large file but good to watch!


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Hello Everyone!


Almar is the CEO of Creditinfo International

I hope most of you enjoyed your Easter break and took some well deserved R&R.

As you know, Creditinfo continues to extend its push globally, increasing its support to its clients and partners. We need to fully support that investment and those efforts, and do everything in our own individual power to make this growing group of companies a success.

As a member of our team, you perform an important role by providing your unique skills, experience and expertise, without which we could not achieve results. Each person within the Creditinfo family contributes to realising our overall vision and mission. So make it count!

News of Creditinfo HQ being moved to Europe


Creditinfo HQ in Reykjavik

As some of you may already know, we have been in the news in Iceland recently regarding the possibility of moving Creditinfo Group HQ.  We have been moving towards this for some time, both as regards the legal registration and physical location.  The legal aspect has mainly to do with financing.  Iceland still has currency restrictions and the government is keeping businesses in the dark regarding relaxation of this.  We have enough Icelandic Kronas but at times lack other currencies.  Interest rates in Iceland are also high.  As for the physical location, what we need to do is to have a base for expansion closer to new markets. Reynir used to be the only one in Iceland working for international operation, now we are 6, with the need to add a few more, considering all the opportunities that are presenting themselves. Continue reading »