May 2014

A wedding with a difference in Malta!

Congratulations and celebrations!

Ramon Curmi of Creditinfo Malta and his beautiful bride, Louise, married on Saturday 24th May 2014.  Talk about doing it in style…..after the wedding service, the couple made a grand entrance by speedboat to the Reception party.  The Reception was held at a unique location, Popeye’s village.  Not only is the venue where the original 1980 Musical Production “Popeye”, starring Robin Williams in his debut role, was filmed, but also  one of the most scenic areas in Malta. Everyone that attended from the CI Malta office has remarked what a wonderful wedding it was and that the reception location rocked!

We're official in Kenya

kenyaWe recently told you that Shane Moldenhauer is heading up Business Development in East Africa. Well, we have now officially registered a company “Creditinfo Kenya”.  The first of many to come!Admittedly, the authorities in charge of this process spelt it wrong the first time we submitted our application, but now they have amended it and everything is official.  We are also launching the website very soon too – you will be able to link to it from the “locations” section on ….watch this space.


Credit Bureau Solution CBS5 by Alexander Novoselov

alex novoToday, Alexander Novoselov (known to his friends and colleagues as Sasha) , Senior Business and Software Analyst at Creditinfo Solutions, gave the Creditinfo Academy a presentation on CBS5.  This is Creditinfo’s Credit Bureau Solution.  

Sasha showed us how the software works and some of the typical data that the system collects and the type of information it outputs, i.e. a credit score and a credit report.

You can watch Alex’s presentation video here: Vimeo

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Elvis is in the building…..

And so are Islene and Fanney! Meet our interns;

Elvis Zāģeris is working for Creditinfo Malta for 6 months until he returns to BA School of Business and Finance in Riga to continue his studies in Finance. Elvis is originally from Jelgava in Latvia. He is helping the Malta team with all things Financial and a lot of other stuff too!    Apologies for the title of this section, Elvis, but it isn’t very often we can actually say it and mean it! :o)

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Nordkredit 2014

Nordkredit is principally  a networking group of North European Credit Risk Management companies (and their subsidiaries in other countries) who get together once a year to update each other with an overview of performance and trends for their company and country.  Some of the 30+ company members in addition to Creditinfo Group of Companies are: Creditsafe Group of Companies, Experian, Equifax, Suomen Asiakastieto Oy, Syna AB, UC AB, Debitor Registret A/S, UC AB …to name but a few. Continue reading »

We are not only international, we are equal opportunity

blonduosBeing from a small village on the north coast of Iceland and without any contacts whatsoever in the beginning, I did come across barriers related to who I was, as opposed to what I did or could do.

I like to have people with different backgrounds and dispositions in our company.  Not all of are the usual run-of-the-mill international experts.  But this only gives broader perspective to the company and makes it stronger.

I am not sure that what I am saying makes sense to you (all), but I wanted to say it anyway.

Cape Verde has got a new CEO

We are pleased to welcome Dirce Varela to the team too. She is now the CEO of Creditinfo Cape Verde. Her first day at the office was on Tuesday 20th May.  Dirce is responsible for paving the way to ensure Creditinfo Cape Verde starts Credit Reporting this year. Kiddi advises  “there are still a number of hurdles on that road and therefore no easy task. With the support of Creditinfo and our partners in Cape Verde, The Chamber, we will succeed!”

2 New Employees – Creditinfo Group Credit Bureau Expansion

Kristinn “Kiddi” Agnarsson has recruited more people to the Credit Bureau Expansion team to meet the increased demand of all the new opportunities we are are receiving.  Joining him and Shane Moldenhauer, Einar Davidsson and Jóhanna Magnúsdóttir, who you read about in the previous month’s issue of The Ivory Towers, are:

Eyjólfur “Eyjó” Eyjólfsson

Firstly, let’s start with how to pronounce Eyjólfur  –  as he advised some of our non Icelandic friends, its much easier to call him Eyjó which is pronounced A-O. Continue reading »

Credit Lifecycle Solutions and Predictive Analytics

Alexander Lazarov

Alexander Lazarov – CEO of Creditinfo Solutions.

Way too often we meet with Financial Institutions who manage their customer portfolios mainly manually and through judgmental decisions.

This is true of companies spanning the array from Tier 1 Banks to small MFIs. And it encompasses essential business management points, such as Leads generation, Lending approval, Credit Limit assignment, Pricing, Collections and Fraud Prevention.

We have encountered this needless issue in every geographical region.

Conversely, the Industry Best Practices show that taking such decisions in automated environment and based on Predictive Modeling leads to more efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Ultimately, this leads to improved KPIs and helps the company to achieve its corporate goals.

Before we analyze the typical obstacles to the adoption of Automated Decisioning, let us briefly examine its main financial advantages and soft benefits. Continue reading »

Creditinfo Lithuania showed racing and drifting skills

This time Creditinfo team demonstrated their skills at kart race. Rain made difficult conditions for all racers but this challenge became an opportunity to test drifting.

First place trophy went to programmer’s Donatas hands who get champagne shower from Aurimas (3rd place), while another programmer Rytis won a silver trophy. 

There are some moments from the racing.

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