October 2015

It's time to ‘Like’ Social Scoring


imagesDid you know, that approximately 75% of world population has thin credit profile or no credit history at all?
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State of the Art in Credit Risk Modeling by Prof. Bart Baesens

CIA_logo_small_Watch the webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCyssAKrmEk or a lower resolution version can be found at https://youtu.be/nLK0obQz1-0

Webinar Overview

Credit risk modeling is undoubtedly among the most crucial issues in the field of financial risk management. With the recent financial turmoil and the regulatory changes introduced by the Basel accords, credit risk analytics has been receiving even greater attention by the financial and banking industry. Continue reading »

Creditinfo Georgia – SME Access to Finance

By Nataliya Soldatyuk and Elene Zoninashvili

The economy is not dominated by large and multinational corporations. SME‘s are greatly responsible for economic growth and therefore an important sector to focus on.  Creditinfo Georgia has invested to develop specific tools to help companies provide better, more effective decisions to enable greater access to finance for SMEs.

In Europe, for instance, 99% of businesses are small and medium enterprises, and in the same time they contribute 58 cents in every euro in economy. This situation is not specific to the Europe. Continue reading »

The benefits of monitoring and supervising your credit reports – Creditinfo Lithuania national tv coverage

cil_tv_reportCreditinfo Lithuania were interviewed on national TV News about the benefits which people receive by monitoring and supervising their credit reports. A number of representatives from Lithuanian banks were also involved. The TV reportage with English subtitles can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7eInf9IX8A&feature=youtu.be Continue reading »

Do you want to increase the profitability of your business by improving your credit risk management?

CIA_logo_small_If the answer is YES – we have the perfect solution for you and your teams!

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Analyst from Lithuania – among TOP online data scientists

Darius Barusauskas - LithuaniaDarius Barušauskas, Analyst within the Econometric Modeling Department at Creditinfo Lithuania, has succeeded  in a competition organised by the world’s largest community of data scientists,  www.kaggle.com.

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JOIN US for a live webinar: State of the Art in Credit Risk Modeling by Prof. Bart Baesens


Date: Thursday, 22nd October 2015 Time: 15h00   CEST
Location: Webex
Topic: State of the Art in Credit Risk Modeling
Speaker: Prof. Bart Baesens – Professor, KU Leuven University (Belgium) and Lecturer,  University of Southampton (UK)
 Link to Join:  https://meetings.webex.com/collabs/meetings/join?uuid=MAYEUHT6EQ50GI4DVYS1D8JHAS-FAZL

 Creditinfo Academy Webinar Overview

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One person can make a difference. Working together we make lasting changes.

Creditinfo working with SOS Children’s Village Lithuania

SOS-Logo-Int-pos-en”Creditinfo take seriously what is today often called corporate social responsibility, or what others may call karma. Simply put, we believe, ’what you sow, is what you reap’. Creditinfo want to make a difference in the world, so we participate in a number of initiatives that benefit society, particularly those impacting on the communities within which we operate,” advised Mr. Reynir Grétarsson, CEO and owner of Creditinfo Group hf. Continue reading »

The day when Lithuanian SME’s received their credit reports

Creditinfo Lithuania organized it’s first Open Door day – a special event for 70 thousand small and medium companies that received their own credit reports for free.   The purpose of this initiative was to present companies data that is available on the credit bureau. Continue reading »

Creditinfo – working towards a better education in Afghanistan

Creditinfo has repeatedly donated to Waresa-e-Faqeer, a primary school for both girls and boys in the Kama District, Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan being operated by DARMAN (Development And Relief of Medical for Afghan Nation).  DARMAN also runs a much needed clinic for the poor in an outskirt of Kabul.

3DARMAN aims to develop the people of Afghanistan through culturally appropriate projects aimed at improving health, education, skills, and living conditions. The organisation was established the same year Creditinfo was established,  in 1997, in Pakistan by a group of medical professionals, engineers, educational specialists, and university professors. At that time, the majority of its members were refugees from Afghanistan.  They returned to their homeland in May 2002 with a desire to serve their fellow countrymen.  DARMAN is a registered Afghan NGO, a non-governmental organisation with  its central office  currently located in Karte Nao, in Kabul Province, Afghanistan. Continue reading »