April 2016

Microfinance: Lending Small, Thinking Big

In this video, (click link below) ‘Real Economy’ looks at the world of microfinance in a European market that tends to be dominated by traditional banks.  It looks at the world of microcredit in Romania to see how small loans and a little financial training can make a difference.

32a16f7f-984a-489c-aa0d-ba0b9b1cec74 Also looking at how the model is adapting with technology to the needs of people and businesses in western Europe who can no longer tap into traditional credit from banks.  The European Investment Fund (EIF) advise about how best to use microfinance in a search for sustainable employment and growth.


The next Rembrandt – Data and How we Use It

We use a lot of data to improve business life but we haven’t been using data that much in a way that it touches the soul. It is not just a bunch of information and numbers, it is something beautiful where you can make great stuff out of it.

In following intermarten-lootenesting video you can see how a group of analysts recreate a painting of Rembrandt using technology and data. They start by gathering the data, followed by determining the subject, afterwards they generate the features and in the end they bring it to life.  The result is amazing and stunning, if you wouldn’t know it was made with technology you would think it is a real one.

Check out the link because it has to be said, it is amazing what analysts
are doing and can do with data.

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More fond farewells and changes

This month has seen a few changes in the Creditinfo family.

Eyjólfur Eyjólfsson from Credit Bureau Expansion and Nataliya Soldatyuk from Creditinfo Solutions have now left us to follow other avenues. Nataliya is now working in the UK for FICO so we are sure our paths will continue to cross in the future.cc890f3d-bafd-44bd-baf9-7f660abcec2f

These recent appointments and changes come in response to the continued growth and development the company has seen in recent months and the experience of these new appointments will be invaluable in enabling us to offer an even higher level of service for all of our valued clients.

Welcome to John Roberts in the Creditinfo Team!

As Regional Director in Asia & The Middle East

John Roberts
John Roberts has joined the Creditinfo Group as Regional Director Asia & The Middle East. With a background spanning more than 30 years of business and leadership experience, John’s career embraces the communications and marketing sectors, and most recently, the financial industry in New Zealand and internationally.


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Another Welcome to Steven Kunyiha In the Creditinfo Team!

We would like to welcome Steven Kunyiha who will join Creditinfo Kenya as CEO.

Having worked for more than a decade for Transunion, as Chief Executive Officer, and prior to that as Group Head for Collection Steven Kunyiha circleAfrica Limited, Steven has amassed a wealth of experience in the credit industry. Steven will be ultimately responsible for all day-to-day man
agement decisions and for implementing the Company’s long and short term plans. Steven will be responsible for driving Creditinfo Kenya to the next level, building on the solid foundation and momentum achieved by the team under Daniel Kanyi’s leadership.

We would also like to extend our thanks and best wishes to Daniel and wish him continued success in all that he does in the future.

Creditinfo Academy

A 2 Day classroom based workshops in Kenya and Tanzania on Fraud Risk Management by Nolan Williams

We are pleased to again introduce Nolan Williams from The Risk Consultancy (who gave a webinar last month).cf0a0e46-df51-40f0-a051-0e49be9230db  Nolan will be delivering a 2 day workshop in Kenya and Tanzania on Fraud Risk Management.

Nolan is experienced in the design and implementation of fraud risk management frameworks and training programs. He is recognized as an Operational Risk Management expert and speaker at international events.

  • Tanzania –  26th and 27th of May 2016 at the Ledger Plaza-Bahari Beach Hotel in Dar es Salaam.
  • Kenya   –  30th and 31st of May 2016 at the Southern Sun Mayfair Hotel, Parklands Rd in Nairobi.

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Key Findings from the World Bank

The World Bank gave some key findings at the BNM-IFC Credit Infrastructure conference

The World Bank Group gave some interesting key findings during the conference in Kuala Lumpur where Paul spoke on the 4th of April. The key findings are related to the positive relationship between access to finance and job growth.
Key Findings:

  • Increased access to finance results in increased job growth in developing countries
  • Firms with access to a loan exhibit employment growth between 1 and 3 percentage points larger than firms with no access to finance
  • Introduction of credit bureaus (CBs) increases employment growth by over 5 percentage points compared to countries where CBs do not exist
  • Association between finance and job growth is stronger among MSMEs than among large firms
  • MSME firms with access to a loan have between a 1 and 4 percentage point larger employment growth than MSMEs without a loan
  • Introduction of CBs elicits a job growth response among MSMEs that is over six times larger than that among large firms

Click on the link below to see more detailed pages of the Key Findings


Or visit the World Bank’s Website for more info


Paul Randall Speaking

Paul Randall spoke at BNM-IFC Credit  Infrastructure conference in Kuala Lumpur

image2In April, Paul Randall spoke at the BNM-IFC Credit Infrastructure conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He gave a presentation about the role and impact of developing and -or strengthening credit reporting systems. At the conference, Paul gave, for more than 100 attendees, his thoughts and ideas about the role and impact of developing and/or strengthening credit reporting systems. He gave insights based on real business cases related to the expected versus impact development and impacts on the financial sector after the implementation of successful credit reporting systems. The other themes covered during the conference were credit reporting, credit registry, secured transaction, insolvency 7 creditor rights, as well as other current issues. You can find his presentation and all the other presentations via the link below.

If you would like to see all the presentations click on the link below.



New name for Czech Republic

After 27 years the Czech President, Prime Minister and the other top country officials have finally agreed that not having a one word name for the country and using Czech Republic instead is too long. They asked the United Nations to officially recognize “Czechia” as an alternative country name. Together with this demand they also asked it for other foreign-language equivalents, such as la Tchéquie in French. So, they finally took the name which existed already in the 18th century and made it a one word name for the country. Now we can call them “Czechia” in casual communication! 

Team of the Month – Creditinfo Maroc Team


We would like to congratulate our colleagues in Morocco who have recently moved offices. The move was handled exceedingly well. The team moved over one weekend in order to be fully operational in their new office at the start of the working week, avoiding disruption to business as usual.


Their new address is:

300 lot 2 Mandarona

Immeuble Casablanca Business Center (Next to Hotel Kenzi Sidi Maarouf), 1er étage
Sidi Maarouf, Casablanca 20190  

Check our their new website too http://creditinfo.co.ma/ 

Click in the link below to see some pictures of their new offices.