September 2014

October brings with it a number of days of celebration

Did you know the 4th October is “Improve Your Office day”?

So, why not take some steps to improve your work environment!  Make your desk and surrounding area a more pleasant and enjoyable space.  Tidy up your clutter, do your filing, throw out the rubbish. Even buy some flowers or upgrade your mousemat.

Also on Wednesday 8th October, it is “Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work” day, which should bring a few smiles, and Thursday 9th October is Fire Prevention Day (another good reason to tidy up your desks!). Monday 20th October is Clean Up Your Virtual Desktop day.

More importantly Wednesday 29th October is Internet Day, marking the anniversary of the first usage of the Internet to send a message electronically, way back in 1969. Let’s not draw attention to the fact that the system crashed half way through sending it though! Without the internet, we wouldn’t be in business as we are today.  So let’s celebrate this around the globe together.  Send us some photos so we can see what you did to celebrate for any of these days or any others!

Brynja on the run in Berlin

brynjaCongratulations to Brynja Baldursdottir, Head of Sales and Product Development, Creditinfo Iceland. 

Brynja recently ran the Berlin Marathon finishing in just 4 hours and 3 minutes.   She was so fast that the winner got scared and set a new world record in a marathon.  At a course know for producing fast times, Kenyan runner Dennis Kimetto ran 26.2 miles a full 26 seconds faster than ever before with a time of 2 hours, 2 minutes and 37 seconds.   Way to go, Brynja!

Samantha Martin, Sales Executive, Creditinfo Malta

samanthaSamantha joined the team in Malta in September 2014.  Having previously worked as a Business Development Manager for 3 years with 2 other Maltese data solutions companies.  Prior to data solutions, Samantha has also worked as an Account Manager for a number of years with a media company.  In her spare time she volunteers at the Animal Welfare shelter.  Sam has settled into the team quickly with her friendly and positive outlook. She has already had her first Sales in only a few weeks of starting and getting to know the ropes.  As such, we are sure she will be a great success.

Invited to join IFC in Morocco

reynir in moroccoWe were invited to join IFC in Morocco last week at the 5th Financial Infrastructure and Risk Management Training for MENA and African Regions.  Reynir Grétarsson (CEO Creditingo group Hf) – pictured, Paul Randall (Director of Business Development Creditinfo International GmbH), Dirce Varela (CEO, Creditinfo Cape Verde) and Edwin  Urasa (Business Development Manager, Creditinfo Tanzania) attended the training.

IFC advised the training was very successful;  from a course review of the feedback forms received  it  looks  that on a scale  0-5 over  90% of participants rated the training  4 or 5 (with 5 being the highest).

A number of companies delivered presentations, which will be published in the websites of IFC and Bank  Al-Maghrib mid October. Paul delivered a presentation on VAPS (Value Added Products).

Almar's monthly post

50 at 2020 arnar

As some of you may already be aware, it was announced at the Senior Management meeting a few weeks ago, our focus for the coming years is to have operations in 50 countries by 2020.  We may even achieve this sooner at the rate of knots Kiddi and the Credit Bureau Expansion team are establishing operations and succeeding at getting authorisation and approval to have licences.

We have proven success and a winning formula that will enable us to achieve this and more.  We work with local teams and are always hands on supporting the

Are you aware, we are currently operating in 26  countries which includes established operations, start ups and other  countries who operate our CBS5 solution themselves.  We have 280 loyal employees, many of which have been with Creditinfo for more than 7 years.

We will achieve this together with your experience, your skills, your knowledge and your support of the vision, mission and values enabling us to move the company forward and overcome any challenges and obstacles.

Our HR philosophy has always been and will continue to be   – “to hire for attitude and train for skills.”

Our people are:

  • Passionate, Unselfish, Flexible, Loyal
  • Fun to be with
  • Take the initiative and have the propensity to take (calculated) risks
  • Will go beyond the call of duty and take personal responsibility
  • Offer sensational service, keep costs low, keep quality high and are continually on the look out to add value to the customer.

So enjoy the journey, our future is bright and so will yours be!


Credit Ombud by Reana Steyn

Credit Ombud_213

Today, the Creditinfo Academy welcomed Ms. Reana Steyn, Deputy Ombudsman, to talk about the Credit Ombud.

Visit their website at


Reana’s bio 

PowerPoint presentation

Webinar Recording

Business Mediation by Herman Zandt

Herman ZANDTToday we were very pleased to welcome Herman to join us at the Creditinfo Academy. Herman Delivered a webinar on “Business Mediation”.

You watch his Presentation Video here: Vimeo

You can view his Presentation here:

You can find the Business Mediation Guidelines here Continue reading »