September 2015

Creditinfo VoLo ensures better access to credit

nigerCeremonial contract signing with ABPEF and APSFD, Niger

Creditinfo VoLo signed a service delivery contract with the Professional Association of Banks and Financial Institutions (ABPEF) and the Professional Association of Decentralized Financial Systems (APSFD) of Niger to ensure better access to credit.

On August 31st 2015, Orabank’s Head Quarters in Niger hosted a signing ceremony for the service delivery contracts that binds Creditinfo Volo and 16 institutions namely BOA Niger, BAGRI, Bank Atlantic Niger, Commercial Bank of Niger, BIA Niger, Bank Islamic of Niger, BSIC-Niger, CBAO Niger, ECOBANK Niger, ORABANK Niger, SONIBANK, SAHFI SA, TAANADI SA, Asusu SA, Credit Mutuel of Niger and SACCOs Kokari, Continue reading »

BIG Data Lending in Sub-Saharan Africa, Responsibility is Key to avoid pain of the past.

The experience of the over-indebtedness crisis amongst the poorest in Kosovo and other regions such Andhra Pradesh in India is still a clear memory to those who had to manage the human and financial fallout from these situations.  This type of crisis is caused by 2 factors; excessive liquidity largely from donor funded institutions and secondly no credit bureau infrastructure, or usage of it.

Are we about to witness the same cycle in sub-Saharan Africa with the highly funded race to provide loans through the trend of alternative/big data, at the same time as MFIs are not integrated into the “credit bureau culture”? Continue reading »

Due Diligence is not just a tick in the Box! by Kevin Abela

In the past couple of months the igaming industry has been tainted by the so called Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta’. Malta is home to over 350 igaming companies due to the favourable tax position offered by the Maltese government and is understandable that a number of these companies are based in Malta. Continue reading »

The human face of big data – the trust advantage

The Creditinfo Global Forum 2015 held in Istanbul, Turkey in September 2015 brought together 175 influential specialists, practitioners and providers within the credit and finance industry from 57 countries. Amongst the participants were representatives from Central Banks, Commercial Banks, Credit Bureaus, MicroFinance Institutions, Regulatory Authorities, Financial Associations and many more.

Continue reading »

Creditinfo Global Forum, Istanbul, Turkey, 16th – 18th September 2015

email bannerThe Creditinfo Global Forum will host 175 of some of the world’s most influential finance and credit industry people from 64 countries, for 2 nights & 2 days in Istanbul, Turkey, from Wednesday, 16th September 2015 to Friday, 18th September 2015 at the Renaissance Polat Istanbul Hotel. Continue reading »

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Someone asked us if our beards makes us hot during summer, we told them it makes us hot all year long! Hahahaha!

Reynir & Almar

Romania Go Carting


Romania Go CartingWe forgot to tell you in the last issue about the awesome Go Carting team we have in Romania. Creditinfo Romania, held a mid-year meeting. They discussed what they had achieved to date, about their accomplishments and also about what they needed to do and their expectations, highlighting what actions they need to take in order to realize what they had proposed for this year. At the same time, they welcomed four new members into the sales team. And then, given the fact that competition is the most rewarding way of doing things in the office, but also outside the office, they made it happen on a carting course.

Everyone enjoyed the ride ! And most important, even if there was a  first, second,  and third place for the participants in the race, everybody won a great end of the week!  And of course the dinner after and clubbing!





The Commercial Department of Creditinfo Solutions recently  went on a special training on August 13 and 14, led by an experienced HR Consultant Eoin Hanley who has worked with PWC and Amazon. After the theory lessons, they continued with practical negotiation training.  Of course in true CIS style, after the event, they also had some fun at Mácháč, which is a Czech summer lake destination, kind of  a combination of Italian Bibione and Spanish Ibiza, partially beautiful and partially cheesy!
Here you can watch a cool video produced by Sasha (Alexader Novosolev) showing you highlights of the 2 days events. 

You can also view the cool & some may say risqué flyer that Martin created for the event – click here

Creditinfo VoLo


Creditinfo VoLo continue to deliver training in West Africa.  Here are the attendees at a recent event in Dakar, Senegal.

CBS5 training at Creditinfo Solutions in Prague


Recently a number of our new senior management team attended CBS5 training at Creditinfo Solutions in Prague. The CIS team gave a warm welcome to our new colleagues and organized 3 days of in depth training.


Pictured from left to right are:
• Sidimohamed Abouchikhi, CEO, Credtinfo Morocco,
• Van Reynders, Head of Sales, Creditinfo Tanzania,
• Agata Szydlowska, Head of Financial Inclusion & CRB Awareness Africa
• Kristinn Agnarsson, Head of Credit Bureau Expansion,Creditinfo Group
• Adamou Sambare, CEO, Creditinfo VoLo
• Samuel White, Business Devdelopment Manager, Creditinfo International