December 2013

Children Christmas at Creditinfo Lithuania

Creditinfo Lithuania held a Christmas party for employees‘ children entertained by Santa Claus and Snowmaiden visit. It is planned to make such events for our staff children each year.

Several years ago our team had only a few children while one can notice that currently we have a full kindergarten here. We are pleased to see that growing new generation will be able to replace ourselves at Creditinfo in the future.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all Creditinfo families!


Reynir has a new Christmas jumper

Christmas reynir 2013

“Best wishes and seasons greetings to you and your families!“


Everyday Cybercrime

athlyn3Athlyn Evans,  Head of IT, Creditinfo Malta today delivered a presentation for the Creditinfo Academy on “Everyday Cybercrime”.

Athlyn spoke about why cybersecurity is such a big issue, why the stakes are so high and the answers so difficult.

You can view his presentation here:  Cybersecurity – Athlyn Evans

You can watch his presentation video here: Vimeo

And read the script from his webinar here: security talk




Athlyn’s bio

Athlyn has a first class degree in Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering and a Master Degree in Information Systems. He has worked in IT for 25 years. For many years, he  was a freelance IT Consultant who specialised in IT and Data Security. He worked for the UK Ministry of Defence and BAE systems and was responsible for perimeter line security for encrypted communications between defence and government departments, this included areas of conflict. He also worked in the Airline industry to improve security post 911. His last security position was working in the digital film industry in the UK and Hollywood, LA ensuring digital security and digital fingerprinting for large data warehouses used in CGI production.


Editors note:  He is also a passionate Welshman and motorbiker. You can even find him listed in the credits of the movie Arthur Christmas  for working on CGI technical infrastructure supporting Aardman Animation technical infrastructure.


How Lithuanians show their proud of high ratings

Certificates “Strongest in Lithuania” became a strong proof of confidence in Lithuanian companies. Some of them are so proud that they are able to get these certificates several years in a row that puts them altogether showing continuity of creditworthiness.

We believe that for the company from one of the biggest cities our certificates is more than a proof of trustworth or marketing. It‘s an emotion, proudness and a wish to show that to everybody: from local staff to VIP clients. We are very happy how many opportunities our clients have using the certificate.

Sertifikatai pas klienta

Paul's off to Tanzania to deliver training

paul-2Paul Randall and one of the CIS team will be flying out to deliver training to some of Tanzania’s potential clients.  This is a great way for the clients to network and share best practice whilst also being an informative session and for us, it’s a great opportunity to promote what we do best and how we can help them do things better.  During the 4 x 50 minutes sessions, we’ll be telling them about the benefits of a Credit Bureau, the data landscape in their country, going into detail about scoring and also automation.  If this is of interest, give Paul a call!

On the hunt in Cape Verde

kiddi-1We’ve sent Kristinn “Kiddi” Agnarsson out on a mission to find new office space in Cape Verde and to find some new recruits .

Any takers for relocation?

Players of the Month: Tanzania and Malta

tanzaniaYou always remember your first!

November saw the team in Tanzania sell their first International Report.  Well done, to Andrew CarterDave KahwaEdwin Urasa,Shane Moldenhauer & Pamela Uriyo, the first of many we’re sure!  


malta teamwork winnersTeamwork pays off

Congratulations to Remy DamatoMelissa Pace Antonio Di Bari, for already breaking all records regarding the creation of D&B reports. Even with another month to go, they are already 10% up on last year in not only the number of reports but also on the total revenue. This is big indication on the quality and speed in which these reports are delivered by the team.  There has to be something said for their teamwork as they also won the bridge building contest at the last Values Seminar in Malta. 

From the photo, we’d advise them not to swap their day jobs for construction!  

The impact of financial literacy on companies and personal finances and how it impacts on the economy

Breki  K Breki Karlsson, CEO and Founder of The Institute of Financial Literacy.  Today we were very pleased to welcome Breki to joins us at the Creditinfo Academy.  Breki delivered a webinar on “the impact of financial literacy on companies & personal finances and how this impacts on the economy”.

Breki has wide ranging experience with management, innovation, strategic planning, research, training & setting up businesses. He holds a M.Sc. Economics & International Business from Copenhagen Business School and a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Reykjavik. Having carried research on financial literacy, he has held countless lectures & seminars worldwide since 2005.

The Institute’s aims are to equip the general public with the right tools and education to better manage their finances to ensure financial stability in their lives & their families.

More info:

You can view his presentation here: Breki Karlsson fe-is

You can watch Breki’s presentation video here: Vimeo




Contact Breki via:


Linked In: