June 2014

Congratulations to Nataliya Soldatyuk

Recently, Nataliya Soldatyuk from Creditinfo Solutions joined the CIS “Scoring Olympus”. She is not new to the business, however we wanted to mention that she is currently completing her Ph.D. in Econometrics. In just a few weeks from now, she will be presenting her Ph.D. “white paper” in a public industry forum, as a speaker at the 20th Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies. Check out the link http://www.ifors2014.org. Maybe we should also mention that the conference is going to be held in Barcelona… during the summer… Well, we will try not to be too jealous! ;o)​

The CIS team just wanted to say publicly that they are very proud of their colleague…  Go Nataliya!

2 New Employees – Creditinfo Romania

Iount Diaconescu 
Sales Manager

Hello. My name is Ionuţ and I am 34 years, with over half of them in Sales (Cars, Eggs, Houses, Insurance, T-shirts, Beer, Finance, Road Assistance, Cosmetics). I’d like to think of myself as dedicated, results-oriented and highly motivated Salesman, qualities that I hope to be best exploited in Creditinfo Group. Regarding experience, I am proud of my activity both on Corporate top-level and also lowest level of sales.I find the activity so far with Creditinfo Group both challenging and rewarding at knowledge acquirement. As a B2B Salesman, I hope to “give the best” here and together to reach the work-related satisfaction level that we desire and hope.

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3 New Employees – Creditinfo Solutions – Czech Republic

Radka Szabová
Project Manager/Project Management Office

Radka believes that she will utilize her experience from international environment, change management projects in Africa, and become „universal “ Project Manager. And we believe so! Actually, she is already doing it. That means that there will be no limitation in the project that she leads. She is participating on our internal as well as external projects, covering entire portfolio of CIS products.

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Players of the Month: Samuel White & Paul Randall

This month we’d like to recognise Sam and Paul for all the air miles they have recently clocked up.

Seriously though, their jobs may sound very glamorous, travelling all over the globe to meet the different operational sites and share best practice within the Group and meeting new / potential clients etc.  The reality is, these guys can be getting out of bed at an unearthly hour, travelling for 20 hrs or more, delivering presentations having only had a few hours sleep, living out of a suitcase, arriving home in the middle of the night….. and don’t forget they are leaving their loved ones at home.

There are a number of other people within Creditinfo who equally travel a lot promoting Creditinfo around the globe and can equate with the trials and tribulations of travelling.  We’d like to thank you guys too, you know who you are!
However, as many of our operational sites have recently told us that they really appreciate a visit from Paul and Sam and the time they spend sharing their knowledge and experience, along with their input on various projects and tenders, we thought we’d give these guys a special mention this month.

special report on agricultural financing for the Fin4Ag conference

eBusiness Pass by Arnault Morin, VoLo

Today we had a presentation provided by Mr. Arnault Morin,  Chief Information Officer for VoLo, on one of their smart products, the eBusiness Pass.

The eBusiness Pass is a business intelligence and operations platform that allows companies to access multiple opportunities for growth. It shows specific information of the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises.

You can watch Arnault’s webinar here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJV9kV59Bog

Check your social credit score developed by Creditinfo Lithuania

check my scoreCreditinfo Lithuania developed a social credit score that predicts credit risk by user‘s data from Facebook.  The score depends generally from profile information, activity, communication culture and friends information.

For example, the score is influenced by „likes“, groups you follow, phone type, also honesty adding personal information and other variables that were identified as significant based on econometric modeling. Continue reading »

Newstalk93FM Jamaica – Radio interview with Kiddi

Below you can hear Kristinn Agnarsson speaking about the benefits for a consumer and businesses of having a Credit Bureau in Jamaica.

Part 1:

Part 2:



Sales Presentations – My Approach – Samuel White – International Business Development

Samúel WhiteToday employees at Creditinfo received a presentation about how to approach sales presentations. The underlying theme was to keep your PPT slides simple and clean and to tailor your presentation for your audience so that it is relevant.  Samuél White, Business Development Manager, Creditinfo International  (pictured) advised his colleagues to do their homework first and find out as much as possible about the audience so that you could engage them throughout the presentation with relevant information.

You can watch Samuel’s presentation video here: Vimeo

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Hakon & Megan on CVM Sunrise, Jamaica

Creditinfo Iceland & Creditinfo Jamaica – on CVM at Sunrise discussing “How does the Jamaican sector match up internationally and what are the next steps for the Credit Bureau in Jamaica”.

Watch it here:

More info: Megan Deane and Hakon Stefansson