March 2014

Customer Service at Creditinfo Lithuania

foto_gerdaaurimas-1Today, the Creditinfo employees received a presentation from 2 of their colleagues at Creditinfo Lithuania, Gerda Venckevičiūtė, Sales and Customer Department Director and  Aurimas Kacinskas, Head of Customer Care Department.  Our two colleagues spoke about how Creditinfo Lithuania approach customer service and work effectively with their customers.

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Over 6 million Creditinfo Predictor Scores in just one year

The increased availability of credit in Georgia over the last few years has led to the financial institutions needing to ensure that above all, those customers it is lending to, are of good credit risk.  High quality credit risk management assessment is of equal key importance, for both the customers, in order that they are dealt with in a responsible manner, and for the lenders, to have good quality portfolios.

Banks and other financial institutions have identified through their in-depth analysis that, one of the critical components of high quality credit assessment in Georgia is the Creditinfo Predictor Score provided by Creditinfo Georgia, which enables them to understand the risk of individuals or businesses that are requesting credit.  Not only is this Score used when assessing credit, but also for regular checks of the customer’s credit worthiness, in order that,  outstanding loans and credit card agreements can be assessed before any serious repayment problems occur.

Creditinfo Predictor provides a most powerful and effective way of assessing the information held at Creditinfo credit bureaus.  Evaluating credit bureau data is an integral part of the consumer lending process. The potential of this data goes far beyond the existence, or not, of historic bad payments. The in-depth analysis performed by Creditinfo as part of the development of Creditinfo Predictor for both businesses and individuals, unlocks the full power of the data. This includes economic data, credit activity and demographic information.  Continue reading »

Activity and Progress


Almar is the CEO of Creditinfo International

Almar is the CEO of Creditinfo International

hope you guys are well into your year, spring will be in the air soon and lots of things going on. In my 5 years in Creditinfo, I have never witnessed so much activity and progress.

It is truly a lot of exciting challenges that we have ahead of us and we should ensure we do our best but don’t forget to have fun while at it.

Creditinfo is entering an interesting era in its life and it needs all of us for guidance and help to go from being an unruly teenager to become an unruly adult!

Creditinfo – Back to Baku

bank_standardCreditinfo recently provided effective training and consultancy for Bank Standard in Baku, Azerbaijan, in succession to the Bank recently developing an in-house application processing system and integrating a scorecard developed by Creditinfo Solutions into the software.

The training and consultancy were carried out over 5 days in relation to the Bank Standard’s application processing system and credit granting processes. The project included a complete review of their in-house application processing solution, along with a basic review of the operations and roles management at the head office. Continue reading »

Creditinfo Lithuania examined athletic form

After the final financial results of 2013 Creditinfo Lithuania refreshed team playing water polo and table tennis.

Stalo tenisasVandensvydis

Why use a Credit Bureau and the impacts in markets

Paul RandallPaul Randall, Business Development Director, Creditinfo International, and one of our regular Creditinfo Academy speakers and trainers, today gave a presentation on “Introduction to Credit Bureau and Achieving Benefits of Credit Information Sharing Initiative”.  



Paul discussed the different infrastructure of a Credit Bureau, and went on to discuss four key market changes after a Crediti Bureau is introduced into the market place.  He discussed a case study in Georgia.

You can view Paul’s presentation here:  Why use CB and impact on the markets – Paul Randall

You can watch Paul’s presentation video here: Vimeo

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Pauls’ Bio

Mathematician by education, risk manager by experience. With over 26 years experience in credit risk management, Paul Randall has been working with Creditinfo since April 2007. Following graduation he worked with 2 retailers on the financial services side JD Williams, M&S Financial Services, then moved to the Co-operative Bank. During the period of his employment Co-operative Bank was an innovative provider of banking services and the risk management environment to support it. It was one of the first orgainstaions to deliver a enterprise wide customer risk assessment supporting all decision processes. He then moved to the consultancy side, the head of scoring and consultancy in Scorex in UK for 7 years then member of the Experian-Scorex Global Consultancy Team for 7 years. During this period led both direct client consultancy for risk management and Basel II in addition to best practice documentation. The global support was across over 25 countries, such as Taiwan, US, UK, South Korea, Brazil and Hungary. At Creditinfo he was initially managing director of Creditifno Decision then has moved to the Director of Business Development.

Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) extremely satisfied with Creditinfo’s Public Credit Registry System

DABCreditinfo recently designed a system to record and analyse credit information for Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB). The new system was implemented in December 2013, less than 9 months after the tender organised by the Central Bank of Afghanistan (in cooperation with the World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Harakat Organization) was won by Creditinfo.

Director General for PCR Department of DAB, Mr. Nesar Ahmad Yosufzai recently stated “PCR is extremely satisfied with the implementation of the PCR project to date.  The PCR system reduces risk for the banks, enhances loan data quality, and accelerates the process in granting loans whilst maintaining healthy competition. Continue reading »

Players of the month: Iceland

hq-largeCongratulations everyone at Creditinfo Iceland.

Four years ago, Creditinfo Iceland introduced a new product: Strongest in Iceland.

A detailed analysis is carried out annually highlighting Icelandic companies that have achieved top marks for their strength and stability in the market place.

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Creditinfo Guyana provides service to prevent identity theft

Olive-GopaulIt was only a few weeks ago that a warrant was issued for the arrest of a 47-year-old woman who, posing as one of Guyana’s local beauty queens, Olive Gopaul, was able to fraudulently obtain money from several prominent business entities.

But members of Guyana’s only credit bureau—Creditinfo, are contending that such an unfortunate situation could have been prevented in just one minute.

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