July 2014

Having fun in Prague!

laser_gameHot off the press!  The Creditinfo Solutions team felt like shooting each other ….so they did!  LOL :o) – don’t worry, only with lasers! Glad to see they are all smiles.  It looks a fun night out!


Recent additions to the Creditinfo Family

Ondrej Vomáèka
Business Analyst
Ondrej is a new Business Analyst at CIS. He has a rich university history! Bachelor´s degree in Applied Mechanics and Master’s degree in Biomechanics, both from Czech Technical University in Prague, one year in Valencia under the Erasmus Program, one semester at Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico City and short-term projects at Arts et Métiers ParisTech in Paris and Istanbul Technical University… After graduating, he applied for another Master´s degree in doing business at Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies and visited Nanyang Technological University in Singapore under one semester exchange program. Just like that! This guy is an animal! We discovered that he already visited more than 20 countries and he is not even 30! Well, and he is a former Czech bodybuilding Champion up to 60 kg. Soon, he will become a movie star and will run for the Governor of California 🙂 GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!


Recent additions to the Creditinfo Family

At Creditinfo Solutions

Anastasia Yurina
Commercial Assistant
Anastasia is a new part-time Commercial Assistant at CIS. Recently, she has finished the International Relations and European Studies and earned her Bachelor’s degree. Next year, she’s planning to get her Master’s degree. She has already done two Erasmus exchange programs in Cyprus and Work&Travel in the USA. In Nicosia, she worked for an on-air radio. Now, Anastasia is also working in a Broker Company. Well, if anyone wants to invest their money and be as rich as Bill Gates (n°1 in 2014 according to Forbes), feel free and contact her 🙂

Introduction to Credit Risk Management – Training coming up in Tanzania

Introduction to Credit Risk Management: Realizing the Benefits of Credit Bureau Data

This two (2) days training program is designed for bankers, microfinance and other professionals responsible for maintaining top quality loan portfolios, identifying risk management opportunities and designing financial solutions for clients in a new and evolving international credit environment.

The Training will be taking place on the 21st & 22nd October 2014 or 23rd & 24th October 2014 at Ledger Plza – Bahari Beach Hotel.

There is widespread agreement particularly amongst regulators that financial institutions need to rethink credit policies, procedures, and risks they are taking.

The workshop will provide knowledge and support to members of credit risk and operational management team to better understand the developments in Tanzania with the credit information sharing initiative.

The workshop will cover the concepts behind credit bureaus, and how businesses can use this data to improve the quality of lending, both in terms of e‑ciency and quality. The workshop will also cover the fundamental concepts of application processing and utilzation of the credit bureau reports.

It will also present an excellent networking opportunity for attendees to share ideas about their own challenges and best practice.

Sounds Interesting? Find out more here: http://www.creditinfo.co.tz/home/training-events/credit-risk-management-/

Recent additions to the Creditinfo Family

At Creditinfo Tanzania

Mohamed Kapufi
Sales & Customer Support Manager
Mohamed started his career with Ecobank in 2011 as Sales Executive responsible for selling bank products.  In 2011 moved to the National Bank of Commerce (Member of Barclays Group) as an Officer Management Information System (MIS) responsible generating analytical reports to support Credit Risk Management process within the bank. In 2012 was promoted to Portfolio Management Analyst (Secured & Unsecured Lending)
In 2013 Mohamed was promoted to position of Regional Branch Operations Manager (Business Operations and Controls), the position he held until when he left to join Creditinfo. He was responsible for portfolio of 12 branches of Lake Zone with more than 100 team members.
Mohamed graduated with Advanced Diploma in Business Administration (ADBA) 2010, and Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (PGD -FM) 2012, from the College of Business Education (CBE).Also, he pursued Msc.in Marketing management from Mzumbe University 2014.


Players of the month: Cape Verde

250e08d4-7586-4450-add2-16988a00dedcThis month saw the launch of the new office in Cape Verde.  As you know Dirce Varela recently joined the family as CEO.  For the launch, Creditinfo Cape Verde (CICV) held a 3 hour workshop at the  Auditório de Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde on the 15th July.

Dirce opened the launch with an introduction to Creditinfo and then we welcomed Mr. Carlos Burgo, the Governor of the Central Bank of Cape Verde www.bcv.cv and  Mr Amilcar Monteiro, the General Secretary of Câmara do Comércio Industria e Serviços de Sotavento (CCIS) www.cciss.cv.  Mr. Burgo described the role of the Central Bank in licensing and the supervision of credit bureaus and Mr. Monteiro spoke about the role of the credit bureau in the access to credit for SMEs and Microfinance.

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Creditinfo win tender in Latvia

Creditinfo continues to extend its push globally increasing its support to its clients and partners, having won the international tender to develop a credit bureau system organized by major credit institutions in Latvia. Joining forces with major industry players paves the way to creating a world class credit bureau that serves the needs of all industries in Latvia.

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My job

Reynir GretarssonPeople have predefined ideas about what it is that I do.  I have found that such ideas vary from me being in charge of everything that happens in our company to being in a ceremonial role.  People outside the company typically believe I am involved in much more than I am.  As an example someone I know might contact me and ask for a job.  I would answer that I have only three employees myself and have not hired for 3 years, nor plan to.  A lot of people are being hired by our Group, perhaps close to 1 per week now, but this is not something that is on my table.  And that is not because I am too good for this, but precisely because I believe I am not very good at hiring and supporting people reporting directly to me.  I typically give them tasks and leave it to them.  The “outsiders” also find it strange that I have not been involved in the Icelandic operation at all for many years, even if I am working from the same office.

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