March 2016

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Happy Spring Time

In such a diverse company, our employees believe in a number of religions and faiths.  For the Christians within the team, we hope you enjoyed a “Happy Easter!” last weekend.

Although we may not all celebrate the same, at this time of year, Spring is on our doorstep for many of us and the first quarter of the year is over.  Now is a time for new beginnings. new hopes and new joys. So additionally, we would like to wish  each of you every happiness for those, along with continued prosperity and success over the next 9 months.

Reynir & Almar

Good shoes take you to good places




On a business trip to Senegal, Reynir forgot to take his shoes.  As it wont do to go to the Central Bank in sneakers, he asked one of the assistants at VoLo if she could help him out, giving her $50 to find him some shoes.  Which she did! Reynir says  these are his best shoes still, after almost 2 years.  Here you can see Reynir putting on those shoes which he has taken to other important meetings worldwide.

Lokih Nahta

Lokih Nahta

Lokih has joined as our 1st Level Service Desk Operator as Local Support for PEFINDO.

Lokih lives in Tangerang, a city in the Province of Banten, Indonesia, located about 25 kilometres west  of Jakarta.

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We're top of the speakers list again!

Speaking at  the 12th Global Microfinance Forum 

This month Agata Szydlowska, Head of Financial Inclusion & CRB Awareness, Creditinfo Credit Bureau Expansion team (pictured right), Alexandra Aproiants, Senior Business Consultant, Creditinfo Solutions (pictured left) and Samuel White, Head of Sales & Marketing for Creditinfo International (taking the photo!), attended the 12th Annual Global Microfinance Forum, held in Berlin, Germany.

The conference was very well received by the participants and we received very positive feedback on the level of speakers and presentations. Our presentation was rated  an average rate of 3.8 from a maximum of 4 and we were told it added considerable value, and contributed significantly to the success of this event.
Congratulations to our triumphant trio!


Players of the month – Creditinfo Leaders

Some time ago, I was talking about my boss with a colleague. I was actually being quite complimentary. I told her I enjoyed working for him and the company and was explaining why and telling her that I really liked my job. The person I was telling, who is a senior boss herself, asked me if i had ever told him what I think. “Of course not,” I declared, he’d stick his fingers down his throat and pretend to gag and then probably laugh.”  Then she asked me if I appreciated it when I got a “pat on the back” and got to know if I was doing a good job.  “Yes, of course” I replied. Then she asked, “well, don’t you think he’d appreciate knowing it too?”   Since then, I try to remember to tell him from time to time.

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How we CLeaned up our act to deliver more value – Project Management Methodology

This month we found out more about how Creditinfo Iceland have embraced their own version of Lean Project Management – Creditinfo Lean  – CLean.

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Creditinfo Academy

Welcoming external speakers in the classroom

We are pleased to advise that Nolan Williams from The Risk Consultancy who gave a webinar last month, will now be delivcf0a0e46-df51-40f0-a051-0e49be9230dbering a classroom based 2 day workshop in Kenya and Tanzania on Fraud Risk Management.

We will be issuing the details online very soon and do hope you will share it with any of your contacts in the region who may be interested in attending.

If you would like to have him visit your organisation and deliver a workshop on this topic, please send Agata a message

Creditinfo Malta celebrates International Women's Day

In recognition of International Woman’s Day, and the important role women play in the day to day running of Creditinfo Malta, each female staff member was today presented with a rose, cake and wine.

Creditinfo Malta is proud that half of its workforce is female, as well as having three
female student interns on the team. Creditinfo Malta felt it was important to mark
this day with a small token of thanks to each.


International Woman's Day 2016

Improving Credit Risk Management in Kenya

cikCreditinfo delivered an interactive workshop which took place at the Southern Sun Mayfair Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya on 16th and 17th February 2016, with attendees including senior bankers, micro finance and other professionals responsible for maintaining top quality loan portfolios, identifying risk management opportunities and designing financial solutions for clients in an evolving credit environment.

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Almar's Monthly

Time for a spring clean!


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

Spring is traditionally a time when we declutter, clean up and finish things off, getting ready for the next 9 months of the year.  Did you know spring cleaning is good for you?

In April, why not…

  • Save time –  Make the effort to declutter and organise your office and your own work space, as it can save you lots of time looking for (lost) items in the future. Tidy up your desk drawer – you will be surprised what you find in there, that you’ve not seen since the last time you cleared it out. This may even make you a little more productive.
  • Improve  your health –  Blast out the antibacterial wipes and clean your phone, PC/Laptop, , After all we are all guilty of eating at our desks from time to time.  Clean your keyboard and give your screen a squirt of screen cleaner.  Less germs means a healthier you!
  • Be Less stressed – organising your work space can make you feel less stressed as it makes it a more comfortable space to be in and easier to get things done.  You could even organise your PC/Laptops … do you need all those desktop shortcuts? What about organising your Office documents and emails too?
  • Be Happy – A tidy office is a happy office – well that’s what the experts say.

Happy Spring Cleaning!
All the best,