November 2014

Player of the Month – November 2014

Creditinfo Solutions  CBS5 Experts

This month we’d like to acknowledge the efforts, experience, knowledge and passion of the CBS5 team in Prague who delivered  training this month. They did an excellent job as was declared in the fabulous feedback from the attendees.

Congratulations to: 
Radek Bittner,Tomas Tichy, Pavol Štolec, Eugenia Kijkova, Alexander Novoselov, Dmitry Borodin, Dima Batygin,  Kirill Petrov 

We don’t want to forget all the other people who are involved (too many to mention), from the programmers, business analysts, software analysts, product managers, project managers, software architects, IT administrators, consultants and all the guys and gals on the Service Desk too, let alone all the support functions.

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Almar's monthly post – November 2014

Hello December!

It’s not long now until we will be celebrating holiday festivities and welcoming in the new year. December is often the time for reflection, did you achieve everything you set out to do, did you uphold those new year’s resolutions, did you make a difference?  December gives you a chance to cram in some last minute things before the end of the year so you can achieve some of those goals.

Before you start cramming in those things, let’s think about one of our company values: EFFECTIVENESS. Continue reading »

Bank of South Sudan visit CIS Prague

The Bank of South Sudan visited Creditinfo Soultions in Prague, Czech Republic for training.  The Creditinfo CBS5 expert team held workshops explaining the functionalities of CBS5 in great detail, scoring modules and much more.   See photos below.

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CIS celebrate their new office space

Creditinfo Solutions have opened their doors to a new refurbished office space.  It looks very modern and bright, creating a really great work environment for our colleagues in Prague.  To celebrate the launch and as a small thank you for their patience over the last 5 weeks working amongst the noise, decorators and disruption.

On the day the office doors fully re-opened a Cupcake was placed on everyone’s desk along with an invitation to the Friday afternoon party.

IMAG2488 IMAG2487


Check out the photos from the party below:

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The coolest CFO

TryggviAlthough you may start to think we are stalking him, Tryggvi, has be snapped again.  This time, he was caught driving some rather large heavy digging machinery whilst wearing his suit.  Most would be in overalls, but not our super cool CFO. When he does things, it is always with style and panache!

Romania have the X-Factor

Today, Monday 24th November, is “Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day”, so we asked the teams at each of our offices to embrace their quirky abilities and show off some of their unique talents to everyone else!  Here are two of our colleagues from Sales Department who very  much like to sing. We may see them on the X-Factor with Simon Cowell, what do you think?  ….check out their videos on YouTube:

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Rainbow Romania

“Happy Friday” Team Building

A couple of months ago, Marius Harjoi, Country Manager, Creditinfo Romania introduced his team to a little “colour contest”.  Every Friday,       a colour is chosen that everyone should wear on the next Friday.  On the day, each person, votes for the most appreciated colleague wearing that colour and the winner chooses the colour for the next week.  Check out some of the colours so far in the photos below:

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Congratulations – Athlyn & Nicola

wedding3Athlyn Evans, Head of IT and Data, Creditinfo Malta recently married his childhood sweetheart, Nicola.    They married in style at the fabulous venue Palazzo Parisio in Malta.  You have to check this out, it’s an amazing venue.

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New Employees – Mihai Alexandru Velcea, Creditinfo Romania

Alexandru VelceaCreditinfo Romania have recently hired a number of new staff to meet increasing demands fro their clients.  We’d like to introduce Mihai Alexandru Velcea   – Sales Manager at Creditinfo Romania

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New Employees – Alina Mihai, Creditinfo Romania


Alina MihaiCreditinfo Romania have recently hired a number of new staff to meet increasing demands fro their clients.  We’d like to introduce Alina Mihai at Creditinfo Romania

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