The impact of financial literacy on companies and personal finances and how it impacts on the economy

Breki  K Breki Karlsson, CEO and Founder of The Institute of Financial Literacy.  Today we were very pleased to welcome Breki to joins us at the Creditinfo Academy.  Breki delivered a webinar on “the impact of financial literacy on companies & personal finances and how this impacts on the economy”.

Breki has wide ranging experience with management, innovation, strategic planning, research, training & setting up businesses. He holds a M.Sc. Economics & International Business from Copenhagen Business School and a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Reykjavik. Having carried research on financial literacy, he has held countless lectures & seminars worldwide since 2005.

The Institute’s aims are to equip the general public with the right tools and education to better manage their finances to ensure financial stability in their lives & their families.

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