Everyday Cybercrime

athlyn3Athlyn Evans,  Head of IT, Creditinfo Malta today delivered a presentation for the Creditinfo Academy on “Everyday Cybercrime”.

Athlyn spoke about why cybersecurity is such a big issue, why the stakes are so high and the answers so difficult.

You can view his presentation here:  Cybersecurity – Athlyn Evans

You can watch his presentation video here: Vimeo

And read the script from his webinar here: security talk




Athlyn’s bio

Athlyn has a first class degree in Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering and a Master Degree in Information Systems. He has worked in IT for 25 years. For many years, he  was a freelance IT Consultant who specialised in IT and Data Security. He worked for the UK Ministry of Defence and BAE systems and was responsible for perimeter line security for encrypted communications between defence and government departments, this included areas of conflict. He also worked in the Airline industry to improve security post 911. His last security position was working in the digital film industry in the UK and Hollywood, LA ensuring digital security and digital fingerprinting for large data warehouses used in CGI production.


Editors note:  He is also a passionate Welshman and motorbiker. You can even find him listed in the credits of the movie Arthur Christmas  for working on CGI technical infrastructure supporting Aardman Animation technical infrastructure.  http://www.sonypictures.com/animation/pdfs/arthurchristmas_credits.pdf