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bank_standardCreditinfo recently provided effective training and consultancy for Bank Standard in Baku, Azerbaijan, in succession to the Bank recently developing an in-house application processing system and integrating a scorecard developed by Creditinfo Solutions into the software.

The training and consultancy were carried out over 5 days in relation to the Bank Standard’s application processing system and credit granting processes. The project included a complete review of their in-house application processing solution, along with a basic review of the operations and roles management at the head office. In addition to the review and training workshops for the relevant staff, also included was a 2 day workshop on Credit Scoring and the Scorecard developed for Bank Standard by Creditinfo Solutions during previous cooperation.

The outcome of the project included a roadmap document for Bank Standard identifying changes to the Bank’s strategies and policy rules along with numerous recommendations and areas of possible improvements in their banking and credit scoring processes.

Mr. Vadim Klimenko, Director of Risk Management Department, Bank Standard, recently thanked the team stating “It was a very productive and effective 5 days workshop”.  He added that “We appreciate very much the experience and ideas Creditinfo shared with us and I hope we’ll make the corresponding adjustments to our system in the near future. I’m looking forward to seeing them again in Baku during the process of the first review of our scoring model.”

Creditinfo have many years’ of experience with implementations in similar markets and in financial institutions comparable to Bank Standard, as such  Creditinfo were able to provide  its expertise and all the knowledge of industry best practices to help Bank Standard succeed in its business objectives.  Creditinfo’s brand promise aims to inspire confidence, assisting its clients decrease their credit risk significantly, by  enabling them to take informed and reliable decisions in the credit application, customer management and debt collection processes.

Dima with Bank Standard Azerbaijan2

Pictured from left to right:

Dmitry Batygin (Senior Consultant, Creditinfo Solutions), Vadim Klimenko, (Director of Risk Management Department, Bank Standard, Azerbaijan), Dmitry Borodin (Analyst consultant, Creditinfo Solutions) and Rushan Museyev, (Lead Specialist of Analytical Division of Risk Management Department, Bank Standard, Azerbaijan).