Over 6 million Creditinfo Predictor Scores in just one year

The increased availability of credit in Georgia over the last few years has led to the financial institutions needing to ensure that above all, those customers it is lending to, are of good credit risk.  High quality credit risk management assessment is of equal key importance, for both the customers, in order that they are dealt with in a responsible manner, and for the lenders, to have good quality portfolios.

Banks and other financial institutions have identified through their in-depth analysis that, one of the critical components of high quality credit assessment in Georgia is the Creditinfo Predictor Score provided by Creditinfo Georgia, which enables them to understand the risk of individuals or businesses that are requesting credit.  Not only is this Score used when assessing credit, but also for regular checks of the customer’s credit worthiness, in order that,  outstanding loans and credit card agreements can be assessed before any serious repayment problems occur.

Creditinfo Predictor provides a most powerful and effective way of assessing the information held at Creditinfo credit bureaus.  Evaluating credit bureau data is an integral part of the consumer lending process. The potential of this data goes far beyond the existence, or not, of historic bad payments. The in-depth analysis performed by Creditinfo as part of the development of Creditinfo Predictor for both businesses and individuals, unlocks the full power of the data. This includes economic data, credit activity and demographic information. 

sandro-1The Creditinfo Predictor Score has become such an integral element of the financial services community that over 6 million requests have been made in Georgia over the last 12 months.  Alexander Gomiashvili, Chief Executive Officer of Creditinfo Georgia (pictured) recently stated, “the Creditinfo Predictor Score has been available for 3 years now.  During this time, we have carried out continuous reviews and developments to ensure that it is a robust  and durable product, and we will continue to improve it in line with market and customer needs.  A number of  banks who have strong risk management procedures have measured the benefits that can be obtained from using our Creditinfo Predictor Score, consequently they have quickly integrated Creditinfo Predictor into their processes.”

 The latest update of the Creditinfo Predictor will be available from the end of April 2014.  Through innovative uses of data, this version will generate even more highly predictive indicators to improve credit risk management procedures.  It is expected that usage of the system  will continue to increase, as those remaining banks and financial institutions who presently do not use Creditinfo Predictor, are now realizing that they are currently working at a competitive disadvantage.