The Creditinfo Academy – connecting people and sharing best practice

CIA_logo_mediumThe Creditinfo Academy was established with two primary purposes, firstly as a knowledge centre for the 280 Creditinfo employees worldwide and secondly, for the client base and partners to share information about their organizations and to provide feedback on working with Credit Bureaus and Credit Risk Management Service Providers.

The Creditinfo Academy arranges bi-weekly webinars for its worldwide audience on credit industry related topics and more general business topics, bringing together their senior management team and employees with a number of influential specialists, business experts, practitioners and providers within the Credit Industry.  The webinars present an excellent opportunity for all involved to share ideas about the challenges and best practice worldwide.

Reynir Grétarsson, CEO of Creditinfo Group, is a firm believer that “Information is the lifeblood of the modern economy.” He advises, “Creditinfo is pleased to be able to provide a worthwhile and unique learning experience.  This is just one of various steps to enhance mutual understanding and best practice within the Credit Industry.  The Creditinfo Academy demonstrates how collaboration can work in practice to achieve improvements in the industry by identifying common data issues and sharing knowledge.  We address a broad range of topical subjects and will continue to take the initiative in the development of new services and processes in the Credit Bureau industry.”

Amongst a few of the more recent external credit industry speakers are representatives from global influential organizations such as Institute of Financial Literacy (Iceland), The Association of Credit for Central and Eastern Europe s.r.o. (Czech Republic), Royal Bank of Scotland (UK) and Microbilt (USA), who have delivered incisive views on a wide range of subjects and shared information about their actual experiences in the credit industry.

The Creditinfo Academy also kicked off 2014 with an inspirational presentation on “Change Management” from Mr. Paul Gauci, a training and development professional from Malta who lectures regularly at the University of Malta and who this year, also celebrates 34 years as Head of Training & Development at the Bank of Valletta.

Almar Hilmarsson, CEO of Creditinfo International, the holding company for Creditinfo, as well as the centre for know-how and service to subsidiaries and customers, advised, “Through the Creditinfo Academy, our Partnership Programmes and Global Forums, we are able to develop & continually improve Creditinfo’s strategy. Our culture of talented individuals working together on a global basis is the engine that helps drive our client’s success, as such we are committed to developing them further.   Equally, the feedback from our customers is paramount, in enabling us to build upon our knowledge base to deliver better results.  We work with numerous organizations worldwide and are able to pass on new ideas and lessons learned from those experiences.” 

External Training

In addition to internal training, Creditinfo Academy provides external training to our customers. Using both webinars and classroom style training, it is possible to tailor sessions to cover many subject areas including the use and understanding of credit bureau data, how credit scoring works and scorecard development. Most sessions are interactive to provide active involvement and help learning.

Recent feedback from participants has been excellent. Mr. Robert Kimaro, from CRDB attended a training programme delivered in Tanzania in February, he commented “I learnt a lot from the day about credit bureaus and the services and systems that they use and how these can assist my bank m
ake smarter lending decisions, including how to grade the borrowers by using Creditinfo’s credit score, Creditinfo Predictor.”

The courses are principally led by Mr. Paul Randall, an international industry expert with more than 27 years’ experience in credit risk management.  Mr. Randall’s delivery style includes a number of audience participation techniques to not only engage the attendees, but to also create more interesting and often unexpected content and network connections that are rarely achieved at traditional seminars.

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