Player of the Month: Lithuania

Creditinfo Lithuania

Yes, they’ve gone and done it again! 
These guys are continually coming up with innovative (and fun) ideas.Have you checked out your social media credit score yet?Creditinfo Lithuania have developed a social credit score that predicts credit risk by user‘s data from Facebook.  The score depends generally from profile information, activity, communication culture and friends information.For example, the score is influenced by “likes“, groups you follow, phone type, also honesty – adding personal information and other variables that were identified as significant based on econometric modeling.Creditinfo Lithuania presented the score at a press conference last week and received a lot of attention from media channels including TV and radio.

Find out your social credit score! Click here  or go to  and don’t forget to share it on your Facebook timeline.

The great thing about this is that it will attract all age groups to participate, it’s fun to do (admit it, we all like a bit of friendly competition!) and more importantly it will drive people to check out their real Credit Score on “My Creditinfo”.  In a way, it’s also educational, as  those people who previously had no idea, or perhaps interest, in their own actual Credit Score may just be curious enough to ask for their own real score now.  Pure genius!

PS the editor got a score of 800 :o)