Nordkredit 2014

Nordkredit is principally  a networking group of North European Credit Risk Management companies (and their subsidiaries in other countries) who get together once a year to update each other with an overview of performance and trends for their company and country.  Some of the 30+ company members in addition to Creditinfo Group of Companies are: Creditsafe Group of Companies, Experian, Equifax, Suomen Asiakastieto Oy, Syna AB, UC AB, Debitor Registret A/S, UC AB …to name but a few.

This year we were elected to host the 2 day conference in Iceland.  And for once the sun shone brightly when they were here – the warm weather was a bit of a shocker for most of the attendees, as was our key note speaker – Magnus Scheving, also known as Sportacus.  For those of you with children you will instantly recognise the name from Lazy Town.  After he’d walked across the stage on his hands, he had the audience ripping up paper and even getting them all to do one of the Sportacus super hero dance routines.  Unfortunately, we missed the video opportunity, but this YouTibe clip will show you the kind of thing he had them doing!

After the first day of each company’s presentations, we took our guests on a city tour of Reykjavik and then to the Blue Lagoon for dinner.  Some of our guests were so impressed they wanted to see more sites.  Cato and his wife, Ane, from Creditisafe managed to even find time to visit “Monaco” and meet some very interesting Icelandic characters ….. for those of you not from the Reykjavik area, ask your Icelandic colleagues about it! Let’s just say it’s nothing like Monaco in France! Below is a photo Cato sent us of his visit.  Andrius, Gerda and Aurimas from Creditinfo Lithuania also got into the spirit of the Icelandic culture.