Elvis is in the building…..

And so are Islene and Fanney! Meet our interns;

Elvis Zāģeris is working for Creditinfo Malta for 6 months until he returns to BA School of Business and Finance in Riga to continue his studies in Finance. Elvis is originally from Jelgava in Latvia. He is helping the Malta team with all things Financial and a lot of other stuff too!    Apologies for the title of this section, Elvis, but it isn’t very often we can actually say it and mean it! :o)

Fanney Jóhannesdóttir joins the Creditinfo Iceland team throughout her summer holidays prior to returning to her studies in Financial Engineering.  She is helping out with a variety of tasks –  after all, Fanney does have some insider knowledge about Creditinfo, as she is María Stefánsdóttir’s daughter (for those of you who never met María, she was Director of Marketing for the Group for a number of years leaving us back in August last year.)  Living in the same house with 2 people who obviously  talk about Creditinfo all the time, Fanney decided it was about time she came to see what all the fuss was about.  She has the added bonus of being able to car share with Hákon Stefánsson (not only CEO of Iceland but also Maria’s husband) –  although we do worry for her as his parking skills leave a lot to be desired!  ….We’d like to suggest, Fanney, that you run from the car as quick as you can and pretend not to know him!  We’d also like to suggest buying earplugs for Stefan and Anna (Fanney’s brother and sister) …as there will now be 3 of you talking about Creditinfo!

Islene Da Luz has joined the Creditinfo International team working with Emma and Beggi for 2 months, based in the Creditinfo Malta office.  She is helping out with all things Marketing.  Islene is originally from Sevran in France and will return home in July before recommencing with her technical diploma in International Studies.