Sales Presentations – My Approach – Samuel White – International Business Development

Samúel WhiteToday employees at Creditinfo received a presentation about how to approach sales presentations. The underlying theme was to keep your PPT slides simple and clean and to tailor your presentation for your audience so that it is relevant.  Samuél White, Business Development Manager, Creditinfo International  (pictured) advised his colleagues to do their homework first and find out as much as possible about the audience so that you could engage them throughout the presentation with relevant information.

You can watch Samuel’s presentation video here: Vimeo

Samuel graduated with a degree in Business and International Marketing (B.Sc.) along with a diploma in Industrial Operations Management in 2003, from the University of Reykjavik. Before joining Creditinfo in 2007 he worked as a sales manager and consultant for the debt collection agency Intrum Justitia. Samuel has years of experience in educating companies on how to facilitate best practice decision making in terms of collections and credit risk management. Furthermore, he has gained extensive knowledge on how his experience can benefit various industry sectors. Samuel has been a guest speaker at several conferences and participated in numerous workshops on the subjects of risk management, sales, marketing and account management, both in his home country, Iceland and overseas.

 Samuel can be reached  on LinkedIn.