2 New Employees – Creditinfo Romania

Iount Diaconescu 
Sales Manager

Hello. My name is Ionuţ and I am 34 years, with over half of them in Sales (Cars, Eggs, Houses, Insurance, T-shirts, Beer, Finance, Road Assistance, Cosmetics). I’d like to think of myself as dedicated, results-oriented and highly motivated Salesman, qualities that I hope to be best exploited in Creditinfo Group. Regarding experience, I am proud of my activity both on Corporate top-level and also lowest level of sales.I find the activity so far with Creditinfo Group both challenging and rewarding at knowledge acquirement. As a B2B Salesman, I hope to “give the best” here and together to reach the work-related satisfaction level that we desire and hope.

We have found here, at Creditinfo, an young and dedicated team, which entitles me to hope that in the near future we, Creditinfo, will be more than “Trend-Setters” for Finance Industry in Romania. As my favourite non-professional activities I can enumerate training my dog, watching games on the Stadium of my favourite Football team, and swimming and hiking in my favourite remote place near the city.  Let’s enjoy success together !

Catalina Nasta
Sales Manager

Irina-Catalina Nasta, this is my complete name.  My role as Sales Manager comprises of ensuring consistent, profitable growth in sales revenues through positive planning, deployment and management of structured sales actions, managing the sales of the products and services within a rich and distinctive portfolio.  As professional communicator, I thrive in a supportive environment that values collaborative interactions, where my open, sociable, empathetic and proactive attitude can make a difference.

My professional experience, even though diverse has one common thread: working with people for mutual benefits and betterment of relationships – negotiation and consultative sales, training, counselling, mediation. It is because of this inclination that – outside the professional interests but not at all unrelated with them – I followed my passion for personal development attending various programs in communication, NLP and mediation.
Being member of Creditinfo Romania team is a great chance to capitalize on all these personal assets and a beautiful opportunity for growth and professional improvement.

In private life I like to believe that I am the same caring, attentive, forthcoming individual with a predisposition for meaningful connections and artistic expression. In direct relation with these activities or not, in 2011. I’ve got an Oscar: a sweet and fluffy one from the adorable Shih Tzu breed!