3 New Employees – Creditinfo Solutions – Czech Republic

Radka Szabová
Project Manager/Project Management Office

Radka believes that she will utilize her experience from international environment, change management projects in Africa, and become „universal “ Project Manager. And we believe so! Actually, she is already doing it. That means that there will be no limitation in the project that she leads. She is participating on our internal as well as external projects, covering entire portfolio of CIS products.

Jirí Špinar
Contract Manager

 Jiří is specialised in commercial and insolvency law and plenty of other cool stuff. He joined our company to help us with getting our contracts to the appropriate professional level. He has a corporate background with 5 years of experience from Unicredit Bank, Ernst&Young or PWC and we believe he is the right man for the job. You have just been lawyered! And we almost forgot… He is fluent in Russian which might definitely be a huge advantage.



Ana Jencic 

Business Analyst/Information Technologies

Ana joined Creditinfo Solutions as a Business Analyst. She brings with her a lot of determination, destined-to-succeed attitude and a great smile on her face. Her first assignments, two of which she has already successfully completed, are related to improving how the company operates internally. This allows her, literally within days, to get to know each and every of Creditinfo Solutions’ 80 employees, get a glimpse of what they are doing and become a valuable crew member. Anna’s current assignments are related to better tracking of allocations and time spent, as well as to measuring and increasing the value of each and every crew member. In future she will likely receive customer facing assignments as well.