Almar's monthly post

50 at 2020 arnar

As some of you may already be aware, it was announced at the Senior Management meeting a few weeks ago, our focus for the coming years is to have operations in 50 countries by 2020.  We may even achieve this sooner at the rate of knots Kiddi and the Credit Bureau Expansion team are establishing operations and succeeding at getting authorisation and approval to have licences.

We have proven success and a winning formula that will enable us to achieve this and more.  We work with local teams and are always hands on supporting the

Are you aware, we are currently operating in 26  countries which includes established operations, start ups and other  countries who operate our CBS5 solution themselves.  We have 280 loyal employees, many of which have been with Creditinfo for more than 7 years.

We will achieve this together with your experience, your skills, your knowledge and your support of the vision, mission and values enabling us to move the company forward and overcome any challenges and obstacles.

Our HR philosophy has always been and will continue to be   – “to hire for attitude and train for skills.”

Our people are:

  • Passionate, Unselfish, Flexible, Loyal
  • Fun to be with
  • Take the initiative and have the propensity to take (calculated) risks
  • Will go beyond the call of duty and take personal responsibility
  • Offer sensational service, keep costs low, keep quality high and are continually on the look out to add value to the customer.

So enjoy the journey, our future is bright and so will yours be!