October brings with it a number of days of celebration

Did you know the 4th October is “Improve Your Office day”?

So, why not take some steps to improve your work environment!  Make your desk and surrounding area a more pleasant and enjoyable space.  Tidy up your clutter, do your filing, throw out the rubbish. Even buy some flowers or upgrade your mousemat.

Also on Wednesday 8th October, it is “Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work” day, which should bring a few smiles, and Thursday 9th October is Fire Prevention Day (another good reason to tidy up your desks!). Monday 20th October is Clean Up Your Virtual Desktop day.

More importantly Wednesday 29th October is Internet Day, marking the anniversary of the first usage of the Internet to send a message electronically, way back in 1969. Let’s not draw attention to the fact that the system crashed half way through sending it though! Without the internet, we wouldn’t be in business as we are today.  So let’s celebrate this around the globe together.  Send us some photos so we can see what you did to celebrate for any of these days or any others!