The Maltese show off their driving skills.

charles vella2 charlene camilleri2Congratulations to Charles Vella, Financial Controller at Creditinfo Malta!

The team recently went go karting as part of a team building exercise.  Initially, they were split into 2 teams boys v. girls to determine the fastest drivers, so they could then be split into 2 teams for the actual race. In the actual race Charles was the fastest of the fastest drivers, along with Charlene Camilleri coming 2nd.  Yes, Charlene gave the guys a whooping leaving them in her tracks of dust!  Charlene was the only girl in the team of the fast drivers.  Although if you saw her sporty car, you’d get an idea why! In the 2nd team of the slightly slower drivers, Emma came out as the winner, revealing some quite aggressive driving skills which even she didn’t know was in her!  Must be the last 3 years of practice on the Maltese roads!