The Senior Management Team Meeting

mgt mtgWe’d like to thank the senior management for most of them travelling a many miles to a small town called Rodgau, just outside Frankfurt, Germany.  The team got together for 2 days of training and discussions for the annual senior management meeting. Each office discussed their successes and challenges from the last 12 months and highlighted a few areas which they will be working on in the coming year.

Training covered Product Development, Sales Coaching, Value Added Products, the Company Values, Lead Generation online & offline and looking in detail at “Strongest In …..”.    Reynir discussed the financials and our goals for the future.  One of our primary goals is 50 countries by 2020.

Sat around the table were 30 individuals who spoke 22 different languages highlighting what a multicultural team we have. Next year, there are likely to be a lot more new faces who will join the current team.

Although the 2 days were quite intense and quite long, especially for those who had flown in that morning or those on long haul flights who flew in the night before, they managed to kick back a little when the whole team played paintball.  Yes, we got to shoot at each other and at Reynir and Almar!

Each person was kitted out in overalls and protective gear and provided with paintball rifles.  After the safety training, they were split in to 2 teams and let loose!  We had people crawling along the floor like snipers, others doing tumbles and rolls to avoid being shot.  Fun was had by all, although the next day everyone had the bruises to prove their involvement!

As Judy (Guyana) explained the next day, it was just like a day in the office working for Creditinfo! Advancing forward sometimes slowly, at other times with super speed; sometimes taking strategic steps back so as not to be put out of the game; the team covering each others backs; working in your individual areas to drive the team forward to gain more ground whilst working together to achieve the same goal.

Here are a few pics  – Left to right Almar and Jon (Ukraine), Sandro (Georgia) and Gerda (Lithuania). We’ll post more soon!

almar and jon sandro2 gerda