Out with the old and in with the new

The offices of Creditinfo Solutions in Prague, Czech Republic are currently undergoing a major refurbishment to enhance the working environment for our employees. Creditinfo staff are highly valued and we want to ensure that they look forward to coming to work each day by improving their working conditions.  We are investing in improving our facilities to boost morale and to create a work space that will promote more ideas, creativity and innovation throughout the team.

We are also creating space for extra staff as the Creditinfo Solutions team continues to expand to meet the increasing demands from our ever growing client base.

Equally important to us is our customer’s experience. From the moment our clients, both current and future, walk in through the door, we want them to have a great impression of Creditinfo, by creating a smart and well laid out office space and meetings rooms that will put them at ease, feel inviting, fill them with confidence and create a place our clients want to visit regularly.
Here are a few shots of the work in progress, but watch this space next month for the new and improved Credtinfo Solutions!

Photos left to right

Top line – 1  – our old Reception  2 & 3- the new corridor which will connect both wings of the office

Second line – 4 – more open space  5 – better lighting


this_used_to_be_our_reception this_corridor_is_about_to_connect_both_separated_wings5 former_sales_dept.  4


And a couple of shots from before – Our service desk room and one of our IT rooms. We will make it a better place to work!

former_service_desk_almaroffice_CEOoffice_and_analytics former_BIG_IT_room