Supporting a Better Understanding of Credit Risk Management in Tanzania

Creditinfo Tanzania, in cooperation with the Creditinfo Academy, recently delivered a 2 day “Introduction to Risk Management” training course  in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

The interactive workshop took place at the Ledger Plaza Beach Hotel on 21st and 22nd October 2014 with attendees including senior bankers, micro finance and other professionals responsible for maintaining top quality loan portfolios, identifying risk management opportunities and designing financial solutions for clients in an evolving credit environment.

Paul in TZ

Paul Randall, Director of Business Development, Creditinfo International and lead trainer for the session explained that “with the introduction of Credit bureau in Tanzania and South Sudan it is accepted by financial institutions that they need to rethink credit policies, procedures, and risks they are taking.  This comprehensive training provides the members of credit risk and operational management teams with knowledge and support to better understand the developments in Tanzania with the credit information sharing initiative and how they can adapt their process, in accordance with these changes.

training in TZ 2

Our classes combine lectures, discussion groups, and hands-on product activities covering the concepts behind credit bureaus, and how businesses can use this data to improve the quality of lending, both in terms of efficiency and quality. We also cover the fundamental concepts of application processing and credit scoring. ”

tz training oct 2014

The Creditinfo Academy training presented an excellent networking opportunity for attendees to share ideas about their own challenges and best practice as was supported by Mr. Mashaga Changarawe, Manager MSE, NMB plc, who attended the training, stating “I was happy to see people from South Sudan. It was good to share different ideas from different countries and institutions.”  Other attendees positively commented on the balance of topics and interaction during the training and that they would recommend other colleagues from their office to attend this and future Creditinfo training sessions, as well as to improve the usage of the Creditinfo Credit Bureau database.