Almar's monthly post

Everyone is special and unique in their own way.

Do you ever wonder what makes you different from everyone else? What makes you special and unique? Is there something other than just your DNA or your fingerprints?

We know we have a team of very talented individuals working for the Creditinfo family.  With their varied talents, passions and skills, each one continues to drive the company forward. Sometimes people may try to put us down, make fun of us for being different or in some cases they try to copy what we do.  We’re not saying we are perfect, everyone has at least a few flaws, that’s what makes us human and interesting, but we are saying it is good to do things our way.

On Monday 24th November it’s “Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day”, so we’d really like it if everyone we know embraced their quirky abilities and showed off some of their unique talents to everyone else!  It could involve writing poetry, juggling, magic, sketching pictures! Or maybe you are double jointed, are able to put on lipstick with no hands, can talk in a a variety of accents, put 50 marshmallows in your mouth at once or down a pint in 3 seconds. This is the day to flaunt that skill.

We’d like you brighten up that Monday and sometime during the day showcase the best of your special talents, send us photos and video clips and we’ll post the best ones next month. Reynir and I will pick a winner.  The winner gets bragging rights!

As we’ve said before, “Carry On and Be Awesome!”

PS My latest new talent is “photo bombing” as you will see in some other posts!