seth marksSeth Marks, Chief Commercial Officer at Creditinfo Solutions delivered an excellent presentation on Networking, discussing the various times you will network and ways to improve your skills.

The feedback was very good, one attendee emailed us after the presentation and said

“I listened to Seth’s Networking talk on-line today which was very thought provoking.  

It reminded me of one incident in my career when my boss knew I was interested in stocks & shares and I was invited to join an investment club composed of mainly directors of the bank I worked for. This gave me the opportunity to network with guys way above my business level, but also the opportunity to present to them on subjects that I was very close to and had a great interest in. They could then see my capabilities in a business banking context too which helped my career progression with them.”

Seth’s biography can be read here

The link to the webinar recording can be found here

A copy of  Seth’s PPT presentation can be downloaded here