New Employees – Alina Mihai, Creditinfo Romania


Alina MihaiCreditinfo Romania have recently hired a number of new staff to meet increasing demands fro their clients.  We’d like to introduce Alina Mihai at Creditinfo Romania

I have a beautiful age of 29 years old and I was born and raised in Bucharest, a lovely town.  I will start speaking about me, by telling you that it’s the second time that I am working in CREDITINFO team. First time when I worked for CREDITINFO was back in 2007. It was a part time job during University studies. I was working for the Production Department. It was a lovely period and a lovely team. So, in 2014, when I got a new opportunity, I started to work again for CREDITINFO. I currently work in the same department and every day I take care that our products are made in due time and at the best quality, to ensure customer satisfaction.


Personally, since I was a child I was interested to understand how relationships are built. So, when I grew up, I went to study Sociology at the University of Bucharest,  a wonderful domain, that offers a different perspective of life. This concern helped me to be a teacher for toddlers. It was an amazing experience. As hobbies I like long walks, travelling, swimming and I just discovered photography.