New Employees – Mihai Alexandru Velcea, Creditinfo Romania

Alexandru VelceaCreditinfo Romania have recently hired a number of new staff to meet increasing demands fro their clients.  We’d like to introduce Mihai Alexandru Velcea   – Sales Manager at Creditinfo Romania

Mihai – Alexandru Velcea  – Sales Manager at Creditinfo Romania, originally from Alexandria, Teleorman. I  gratuaded with a degree in Business and International Marketing with a diploma in Audit and Business Management. My last job was at InterAgro SRL, working at the Food&Beverage department as an IKA Assistant Manager where I had great results in coordinating the entire activity starting from logistics and ending with the sale process. Now, I’m an open market sales person, hungry for knowledge and able to do the things right. At my job I am responsible for contacting and establishing new contracts between the company and it’s clients in leading service provider for credit information and risk management solutions worldwide. In my spare time,  I like listening to good music and finding ways to fulfill my creativity like enjoying to write about myself in the third person J

You can reach me at: