Almar's monthly post – November 2014

Hello December!

It’s not long now until we will be celebrating holiday festivities and welcoming in the new year. December is often the time for reflection, did you achieve everything you set out to do, did you uphold those new year’s resolutions, did you make a difference?  December gives you a chance to cram in some last minute things before the end of the year so you can achieve some of those goals.

Before you start cramming in those things, let’s think about one of our company values: EFFECTIVENESS.

The dictionary meaning “the degree to which something is successful in producing a desired result“.

Our translation in terms of our Values is “we are practical and down to earth. We use our resources to create value for our customers and partners. We do not waste time and money, nor do any other things that are not in some way contributing to achieving our strategy and goals.  We are not a bureaucratic company.

Either way, personal or business, firstly, you need to decide what is the desired result / your goal, how you will achieve it and then put every effort into actually reaching that goal, otherwise it won’t be worth the paper it is written on or the air used to say it!

Now, enjoy cramming in a few more things before your next lot of new year’s resolutions!