Almar's Monthly Message – December 2014

almar xmas

Another year draws to a close and over the past 12 months, we have celebrated successes, worked hard, laughed, said goodbye to some of our colleagues, welcomed new colleagues, made changes, faced challenges, relocated and/or redecorated offices. It’s been a busy year!

I would like to thank all our staff for their determination, dedication, skill and commitment in making Creditinfo what it is today.

Having gone from a one man band almost 2 decades ago, Creditinfo has grown into a dynamic and very well respected organisation with 280 employees who are located in numerous countries around the globe. We have our own 100% owned offices, we have some great joint ventures and partnerships as major and minor shareholders, and we have our software established and operating in many more countries – we are everywhere! Between us we speak almost 30 different languages, maybe more.

I was visiting Malta recently on business and during a brief presentation to the team, I remembered a scenario from our first Global Forum in Prague in 2013. On seeing one of long term customers, one of our senior Directors went up to him and gave him a huge man hug. It made me think about, how many other companies I’d worked for where I was also good friends with the customers and business partners etc. We not only do a great job at Creditinfo, but the old adage that “people buy from people” is very true throughout Creditinfo companies. Our customers like us.

And the reason why…..because of our staff!

When visiting each of our sites, one thing that repeatedly stands out and I believe also sets us above other companies, is the strong bonds between colleagues; teams that know and care about each other and the company beyond what is required of their tasks and roles. That attitude and feeling is also projected to our customers too. That attitude is probably also the true reason behind our Creditinfo tagline – “inspiring confidence”!

Enjoy the festivities!