Tom Ilube talks Cyber Crime & Security for Creditinfo Academy

Tom Ilube Tom Ilube, CEO, Crossword Cyber Security delivered a very interesting and thought provoking presentation today on Cyber Crime and Security.

This topic is not only very important to the industry in which we operate, but also to each of us as individuals.

Criminals are exploiting the speed, convenience and anonymity of the Internet to commit a diverse range of criminal activities that know no borders, either physical or virtual. Cybercrime is a growth industry, where the returns are great and the risks are (virtually) low.  The actual cost of cybercrime is difficult to estimate as the cost of stolen intellectual property is hard to calculate.  However, most research highlights that the cost to the global economy exceeds $400 billion dollars per year and effects hundreds of millions of people having their personal information stolen. As more business functions move online and more companies and individuals connect to the Internet, the cost of cybercrime will undoubtedly increase.

Many individuals and companies underestimate the effects and cost of cybercrime, so in this webinar, Tom reminds everyone of the importance of cyber security.

Crossword Security work with their partners on major cyber security research projects conducted across Europe and brings leading edge ideas into the commercial world.

Please find Tom’s Bio attached.   Tom Ilube, CEO, Crossword Security

And a copy of his presentation Tom Ilube – Crossword Cyber Security – Cybercrime webinar new

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Tom will also be one of our speakers at the Creditinfo Global Forum, so register now to meet him in person on 16-18th September 2015, Istanbul, Turkey.


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