Creditinfo Lithuania at awards for small and medium businesses

Creditinfo Lithuania participated at small and medium business awards „Metų Gazelė“. This is an annual event which receives much attention from highest rank policy makers and media.  The conference was opened by Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė speech.

Creditinfo Lithuania was one the conference partners for the second year in a row.  Andrius Bogdanovičius, Creditinfo Lithuania CEO, made a speech along with representatives from banking, telecommunications and public sectors.During the conference, which is organized by business daily Verslo žinios, conference partners awarded companies, that demonstrated highest revenue growth.


Speech of Mr. Andrius Bogdanovičius, CEO, Creditinfo Lithuania in the Conference Metų Gazelė 2015:

All our achievements have their beginning in our dreams. Our parents dream for us in our childhood, being teenagers we dream about who we shall become after graduation from the school – so the dreams get concrete goals and shapes.

Dreams without belief are only vague mirage. With belief you can accomplish little, however without belief you cannot accomplish anything. Everyday belief of where we go and what we do does turn our dreams into results.

Today, in this auditorium, I see familiar faces among the many, which prove my words by the accomplishments of their lives. They do have their dreams and do believe in them. By turning their dreams into reality, in the same time they create added value to the society. Taking only companies represented in this Conference, last year their provided employment to the thousands of people, their turnover was higher than billion Euro, and only income tax paid to the state amounted to millions Euro.

We calculated that the consolidated value of the companies you represent, for which you could sell your businesses, amount to more than billion Euro, and solely last year this value has increased by one third.

Gazelė project contributes to the increasing value of your companies. We are the partners of this project for more than a year. Our communication with the participants of Gazelė project shows that the first step is the most difficult one – to ask the question, to approach and to discuss. The largest benefit is gained by those who dare to make that first step and later do not put gained knowledge into the drawer and, after getting back from Gazelė, introduce it into practice.

I would like to congratulate the daily Verslo žinios for discovering subjects every year, which attracts large audience and maintain the events interesting and useful. Gazelė project both gets together companies with business potential and allows to exchange their experience, and today has become kind of Davos event for the small and medium businesses.

Every Gazelė reaches its potential limit sooner or later. Most often this happens only for a reason that we create frames for ourselves. Then we have to get back to our dreams and make changes. Here one slogan comes into place, that if your dreams do not frighten you they are not big enough. I would like to wish all current and future Gazelės to dream, believe, and create. For if you can dream, you can accomplish your dreams too.

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