Changes in Iceland – Internal Promotions

We are pleased to inform you of important changes in our company´s management team.

hakon-2Firstly, due to the amount of opportunities in new markets, we have decided to recall Hákon Stefánsson  to overseas service. He moves back to Creditinfo Group, from Creditinfo Iceland, where he has been the CEO since 2011 (and before that from 2006-2007). He will have the title Chief Operating Officer and work at a group level. His role will basically be to work with Reynir Grétarsson (Owner & CEO of Creditinfo Group hf) and Kristinn (Kiddi) Agnarsson, Director of Credit Bureau Expansion (and others such as Paul Randall, Director of Business Development and Samúel White, Business Development Manager) in expansion into new markets and to get the new companies through the starting phase.

Many of you may know Hákon and with positive experience. We keep meeting people who ask about Hákon, seemingly disappointed that it is not him anymore representing us at conferences. It will be great to have him back in the international work. We needed more hands on deck because of all the new markets opening up with their complexity. Eventually, we decided to take the best we could find.

brynjaThis, of course, leaves an important role to be filled. Creditinfo Iceland is still the most important asset of our group.  We are lucky to have found what we believe is the ideal person for the job, Brynja Baldursdóttir. She is a woman, as you all probably know, and she is promoted to this job, rather than brought in directly for it. We are really pleased about both facts. We always try to fill high positions from the inside first and we try to hire those underrepresented.

However, we need to have the right person, regardless of gender and everything else. This is the most important thing and this is the main reason we decided to offer Brynja to become the CEO of Creditinfo Iceland. She is smart, tough and enthusiastic about what she does. Perhaps the three most important things already there. We are sure she has what it takes to continue our development in Iceland.

Please go to the following web page to get (re-)acquainted with Hákon and Brynja. and