Creditinfo invited by PT PEFINDO Credit Bureau to talk with APPI

This month Creditinfo were invited back to Jakarta, Indonesia to meet again with PT PEFINDO Credit Bureau. This time it was in relation to a half day event and meetings held by Pefindo to promote and explain the new Pefindo Biro Kredit to non bank entities, known locally as multi-finance organisations (MFOs).  The event was held in collaboration with the Asosiasi Perusahaan Pembiayaan Indonesia (APPI), which is the Multi Finance Association in Indonesia. The theme was “The role of the APPI and PEFINDO Credit Bureau in the success of healthier and competitive industry financing”.

Paul Randall and the team at CIS delivered an hour long presentation on the features and benefits of CBS5 as part of the half day programme and also met with APPI members from the MFOs.



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