CBE team in Senegal – BCEAO update

CBE team in Senegal – BCEAO update

Our Credit Bureau Expansion (CBE) team visited our colleagues in Senegal at Creditinfo VoLo this month to continue the work being carried out to get the 8 BCEAO countries online by June 2015.

Not all of the BCEAO already have this legislation in place in order to take the Credit Bureau forward.  As you may have noted, new legislation has recently been implemented in countries such as Mali http://malijet.com/actualite-politique-au-mali/conseil_des_ministres_du_mali/127984-compte-rendu-du-conseil-des-ministres-du-22-avril-2015.html where Creditinfo VoLo have been influential in making this happen.

The CBE team have been delivering training sessions and holding meetings with key stakeholders in relation to moving the project forward.  Below you will find a few pics of the BCEAO HQ team in Senegal, attendees at the Niger training and from the Ivory Coast.

BCEAO HQ Senegal



Ivory Coast