Creditinfo's Celebrities

Creditinfo’s Celebrities


star     At Creditinfo, we have famous people working with us.

Here’s just a few….





stebbi and ben

Did you know that Stebbi (Stefán Önundarson) atCreditinfo Iceland has appeared in an award winning Hollywood movie with Ben Stiller in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.


Athlyn Evans at Creditinfo Malta worked on the visual effects for Arthur Christmas




Samuel White at Creditinfo International is in a band called Stafrænn Hákon that has toured Finland and

UK as well as playing in Iceland.

Listen to some of their tracks on YouTube – they’ve released quite a few albums over the years: 



Within our Creditinfo Family, we have many more people with their own claims to fame as musicians, singers,

dancers, models, sports stars, magicians, performers and more.  Watch this space as we reveal more of our CreditinfoSTARS in coming issues.

Feel free to email Emma  and let her know about any other secret celebrities or your claim to fame.