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pay it forward

       Pay It Forward

“Pay It Forward” is all about the act of giving to someone else and making

a positive difference and it is celebrated on Thursday 30th April 2015 and

         “Random Acts of Kindness” is another similar event celebrated in November:




Yes, I know this all sounds very fluffy and do-goody, but think about all the tragedies occurring every day, it’s all rather  depressing.

That’s why so many people have given up watching the news and reading the papers, me included.  So it’s quite good to hear some

positive things for a change even if it’s just a couple of days out of the year when people celebrate being nice to each other.

We’re not talking grand gestures here, these acts can be as small and simple as you choose them to be. But the the overall

result can have a massive impact.  It’s a great way to reinforce and build positive habits and can even be a whole lot of fun!

So in the spirit of this, in a few weeks, I will be cooking omelettes for breakfast for the whole team at CIS – or for anyone brave

enough to taste my cooking…..cereal could be the way forward!  

Chef almar

Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out like this!

Take it easy, folks!