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“Knowledge comes by taking things apart: analysis.

But wisdom comes by putting things together.”

John Morrison

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Hello Everyone!

I recently read an article which I thought really summed up Creditinfo as does this quote.   Knowledge vs. Wisdom vs. Insight

The article states each word is an accumulation of thoughts and experiences, but each one has some real differences in the essence of their meanings and their applications.

  • Knowledge is gathering facts and data.
  • Wisdom is the ability to judge which elements of that data are true and are applicable.
  • Insight is taking that knowledge and wisdom to create a clearer understanding of the truth.

The articles explains it as:

  • Knowledge is measuring that a desert path is 12.4 miles long.
  • Wisdom is packing enough water for the hike.
  • Insight is building a lemonade stand at mile 6.

You can read the article in full here:

From our Credit Bureau Solutions to our services, everything we do is based on gathering information/data, analysing it and then putting it back together, so it can be used to improve the delivery of financial services worldwide.

Every time we start a new Credit Bureau in a different country, we learn from that experience and build on the knowledgeable gained, so that we are able to do it better the next time around and improve on our current practices.

Everyone in the company has an important role in building that knowledge, wisdom and insight to achieve our ultimate goals.