Creditinfo Global Forum, Istanbul, Turkey, 16th – 18th September 2015

email bannerThe Creditinfo Global Forum will host 175 of some of the world’s most influential finance and credit industry people from 64 countries, for 2 nights & 2 days in Istanbul, Turkey, from Wednesday, 16th September 2015 to Friday, 18th September 2015 at the Renaissance Polat Istanbul Hotel.

Reynir Grétarsson, Owner and CEO of Creditinfo Group hf stated ”Working together with different organisations within the credit and finance industry from a wide ranging number of countries, enables Creditinfo to better design, integrate and implement strategic solutions to improve credit risk management procedures worldwide. We strongly believe that our small part in developing the financial infrastructure in various countries contributes to the welfare of its inhabitants. We want to help people and small companies to get access to funding, and successively facilitate economic growth and a better standard of living for all. ”

Mr. Paul Randall, Head of Business Development, Creditinfo International GmbH and the chair person for the Creditinfo Global Forum 2015 advised, ”This cooperation with key stakeholders on a global basis provides us with indispensable knowledge and information, as well as local specifics, to better tailor our products and services. Furthermore, by hosting an event like this, it enables each attendee to contribute and cooperate on a worldwide basis, so that we can jointly positively impact financial inclusion and poverty reduction, by the implementation of improved credit bureau solutions. ”

Mr. Randall added, ” This forum will bring together a number of influential specialists, practitioners and providers within the credit and finance Industry. Amongst the attendees, we are pleased to welcome valued representatives from Central Banks, Commercial Banks, Credit Bureau, MicroFinance Institutions, Regulatory Authorities, Financial Associations and many more. The speakers are from leading organisations in their field, for example PayPal, Mastercard, PEFINDO Credit Bureau and CIFAS to name just a few, along with our sponsors from GB Group, MAMBU and Enigma Analiz, as well as Turkish Airlines.”

Mr. Grétarsson continued, ”We (Creditinfo) have many years’ of experience in establishing and managing credit bureaus, particularly in emerging markets, we have acquired a deep understanding, that access to finance is unequally spread across regions, countries, income levels and gender.

We have also witnessed how Credit Bureaus can play a critical role in reducing inequality, creating financial inclusion and in supporting economic growth. Through the exchange of information, credit reporting systems can be established to enable financial systems to use accurate information to offer credit based on objective criteria. The result is lower risk and costs for the creditor and increased economic opportunities for SMEs and members of society and especially for those at the bottom of the financial pyramid.”

Having a credit reference bureau is necessary to enable lending institutions, banks, microfinance institutions and other lenders, to practice responsible lending. By improving access to finance for both consumers and companies, as such, this becomes a catalyst for economic growth, providing an improved outlook and quality of living.