The day when Lithuanian SME’s received their credit reports

Creditinfo Lithuania organized it’s first Open Door day – a special event for 70 thousand small and medium companies that received their own credit reports for free.   The purpose of this initiative was to present companies data that is available on the credit bureau.

“The World Bank, which carries out researches in many countries, has repeatedly stated that business information completeness and accessibility increases the financial inclusion. For business this means two basic things – greater access to finance and more favorable terms. However, business should be focused on inspiring confidence not only in banks, but also for business partners too. Our initiative encourages companies to look at their business from the side view, as well as pay attention to the information available to market participants”, – says Andrius Bogdanovičius, CEO at Creditinfo Lithuania.

According to Mr. Bogdanovičius, Creditinfo is not only a financial services provider, but also responsible for creating impact towards broader access to finance, which is why the Lithuanian credit bureau is at the frontiers of those issues.

When introducing this initiative, Creditinfo arranged a press conference together with SEB bank, one of the largest banks in Lithuania, and a representative from the initiative for transparent business, called „Baltoji banga“ (White tide).

During the campaign, Creditinfo Lithuania contacted 70 thousand small and medium companies with the proposal to check their credit reports online, an example of the proposal is shown below. Of those contacted, more than 18 thousand of them checked their credit reports.

The Open Door day also received very good media coverage, with Lithuanian National television broadcasting a report about the initiative during prime time viewing.

You can watch the tv broadcast with English subtitles by clicking here or got to

An example of the example report send by email  inviting companies to check credit report is shown below: