Analyst from Lithuania – among TOP online data scientists

Darius Barusauskas - LithuaniaDarius Barušauskas, Analyst within the Econometric Modeling Department at Creditinfo Lithuania, has succeeded  in a competition organised by the world’s largest community of data scientists,

Darius‘ team took 4th place among 2,500 participants worldwide. Experience and know-how gained during his career in Creditinfo allowed him to reach top ranks in his very first competition he participated.

 Darius‘ predictive model predicts marketing response for „Springleaf“, multi-billion consumer lending company in USA. The company asked „kaggle“ community to create a model that predicts which customers will respond to a direct mail offer.

 Darius also intends to participate in other „kaggle“ competitions and is ready for new challenges.

 „kaggle“ is a platform for predictive modelling and analytics where researchers post their data and statisticians and data miners from all over the world compete to produce the best models.

 „kaggle“ has worked with more than twenty Fortune 500 companies, ranging from industrial manufacturing to pharmaceutical companies, retailers and technology companies.